5 places to hide from the kids during the Easter holidays

easter holidays

The Easter school holidays are coming up. Your kids are coming for your computer to play Minecraft. You need it for good old fashioned paying work, or for looking at kittens on Facebook.

Either way, your need outweighs that of the younglings. They can always go out side and poke things with sticks. You need to stay with your bum on that computer chair, shouting at them for spending too much time in front of screens.

We only have a couple of days to plan this, so let’s think about where are the best places to hide from your children over Easter.

Just expecting to sweat it out won’t work – it’s years until they turn teenage and have no interest in what you’re up to. Until then, you need a plan, and it needs to be a good one.

So, where to hide?

  1. Anywhere there is no chocolate
    You’re safe here, they won’t be interested. And the chocolate in your pocket doesn’t count
  2. Cupboard under the stairs
    Well, if it was good enough for Harry Potter. Plus you will probably still have wifi
  3. The pub
    Call it a Health & Safety outing. If your kids are annoying you then you’ll need to escape for the benefit of your health and their safety
  4. The library
    As above but you can pretend it’s educational, plus the magazines are better
  5. The space between your bed and the wall
    This is a good one but you have to crouch down low so mind your back. If your hiding place gets found out then you can always pretend you were getting ready to launch yourself into a forward roll across the bed. Just pray they don’t ask you to demonstrate. Knowing today’s younglings, you’ll find yourself with arse in the air, starring in a Youtube vid within the hour.


This post is sponsored by all working parents having the dry boke already at the prospect of two weeks of ‘fun’.



 image credit: Microsoft images