Introducing KBC – the club for children who blog (and their parents)


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That’s to you

So what’s the most sensible thing to do when you already have too much on and are visibly creaking at the seams?OK I know I’ve had a bit of a moan about having too much on the go (let’s recap – that’s coaching, writing features and a new book out soon, social media consultancy, running MediawomenUK, promoting 1st book, parenting, blogging and watching Dallas).

Yes of course, you start a new project.

Let me introduce you to Kids’ Blog Club.

For a while now I’ve had an idea that children’s blogging could do with a thing. Not quite a network, cos kids aren’t all that much into networking, but more of resource and a place to focus on.

I was one of the first journalists to write about children’s blogs in 2010, when my daughter took up the hobby. At the start of this year my daughter and I started our blog together, Eljae, which has turned out pretty well and is great fun to collaborate on. More recently my son joined the blogging ranks and I’m very proud of his posts at The Turtle of Happiness.

Along the way I’ve been getting increasing numbers of parents approaching me for advice because their child wants to start blogging.

As parent blogging has increased, so children have started asking for a piece of the action. Did you think your child was going to sit there quietly forever while you documented their life in a post? No, they were probably out buying up a domain name of their own.

In particular this year I think children’s blogging has taken off because of the school dinners blog Never Seconds – it was a topic that every child can relate to, and it achieved amazing things.

The whole point of Kids’ Blog Club is to celebrate children’s creativity. It’s not about making the perfect blog or amassing thousands of readers. It’s about having the gumption, imagination and energy to create something new. That’s what I think is worth celebrating. This is what the future of the world will be built on.

It’s designed to be read by parents and children because in my experience the vast majority of kids who blog do so with an adult helping in some way. So if your child wants to start a blog and you’re not sure what to do, this site will help you both.

So please support the next generation of bloggers in any way you can – follow KBC on Twitter, Like the KBC page on Facebook, download the badge, share the link or stop by the site and leave a comment.

And if you (or your child) feel like writing a guest post let me know.I’m going to need some help, that’s for sure.