Busting the misconceptions: our Siblu holiday in France

As you might be able to tell if you’ve read the previous posts, our week in France flew by and we were all reluctant to leave when it was time to go.siblu domaine de kerlann pool

So I started to wonder why we hadn’t done this before? What stopped us from considering a mobile home-type holiday like this before? And how did that stack up against the reality we discovered?

The cost – I think we all assumed that a holiday abroad would inevitably be pricey. However the cost is on a par with UK self catering accommodation (and sometimes less than that), and the current exchange rate means that you get more Euros for your money. Plus we decided that the best solution to the thorny problem of being vegetarian in France was not to eat out much, which saved us lots of money which we then spent on wine.

The travel – We’ve had a few exceptionally hairy drives through Paris and Rome, and this had mentally translated for us into All of Europe is Hard to Drive in. But that wasn’t borne out by our trip to Brittany. In the main the roads were not especially busy once you got past major towns.

The accommodation – The thing that had put us off here was an over-priced weekend in a UK holiday park in a fairly grotty cabin. So that for me had set the template. But the Siblu mobile home we stayed in was a world away from that – it was very clean and well-equipped. I didn’t see one tatty looking place here – a lot of them are owner-occupied, with pretty gardens and attractive facades.


siblu domaine de kerlann FranceNoisy euroteens – I was worried that our nights would be disturbed by boisterous teenagers. But whilst Domaine de Kerlann is a truly family friendly camp – I didn’t spot any groups of singles – there were many more young children than teens. Hence it had a nice friendly and happy but peaceful atmosphere, and the kids had all conked out by night time. I think all the swimming helped in that respect.


What we didn’t like

The mini golf could do with a refurb.

They put ham on our pizza by mistake.

Er…that’s about it.


So the moral of the story is, leave your misconceptions at home and go in with an open heart and mind and you might just like what you find.

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