Crap summer holiday activities

There are lots of great blog posts around right now full of imaginative activities to engage your children over the summer holidays.

This isn’t one of them.

Where I excel is in the crap summer holiday activity, that’s so dull your child will be begging to go back to school in no time.

I give you:

  • Tidying the bookshelf
    Well it looks pretty good doesn’t it? Better than before, when it looked like a library had vomited.summer holiday tidy bookshelf
  • Going to the supermarket
    Hey if you’re lucky we’ll get to do a big shop #thrills
  • Waiting in for a delivery
    This filled from 8am-6pm yesterday, and all the way up to 3pm today #doublethrills
  • Dusting for cash
    I don’t mean like dusting for fingerprints, I mean like dusting in exchange for moolah. So I’m a quid down but the house is sparkling
  • Ironing for cash
    Keeps the elder child busy whilst the younger one is dusting
  • Shopping for school uniform
    Will the trousers fit or won’t they? Who cares?
  • Shopping for school shoes
    As above but much, much worse
  • Watch mummy work
    Time it right and she may growl at you. This is lucky.
  • Medical appointments
    Chiefly dentist and optician. Who doesn’t want to celebrate the holidays by getting a filling?living in a shoe
  • A game of Who can read the quietest?
    See, I do play some games with my children. I’m not inhuman. Plus I’m quite good at this one.
  • A game of The old woman who lived in a shoe
    To be honest I’m not sure what happened here. It all went a bit wrong at this point. Story of my life.

Can you suggest any more crap activities? All suggestions appreciated, I have weeks to fill.