The Smiths – This time it’s real

Remember that time a few weeks ago when, for five minutes, we thought The Smiths might reform? Of course it wasn’t true.


But I’ll tell you what is true – THISsmiths exhibition




I don’t normally post flyers, but will make an exception when it’s THE FUCKING SMITHS.

But I don’t need The Smiths to reform. I mean, they can if they like, but they don’t need to on my account. I saw them live 3 times in the 1980s, and I’ve seen Morrissey live several more times since then.

The last time, the venue was full of men with sparse quiffs, Meat is Murder t shirts, denim jackets and 45 year old faces. The whole effect was insanely creepy. You can’t recapture the past, though you can celebrate the best bits.

Here is one of my better bits:morrissey belfast ulster hall


It was taken when The Smiths played the Ulster Hall in Belfast in 1984. Not that many bands played Belfast in the 1980s (something to do with the bombs, I think), so this was HUGE. I had been queueing up all day and was right down the front, all squashed and sweaty. A bouncer kindly took the photo. Morrissey posed, in mock-paparazzi-avoidance pose. Johnny Marr played guitar.

Good times (apart from the bombs, of course).


The photography exhibition Manchester: So Much to Answer For by Kevin Cummins is on show at Proud Camden from 1st June-12th July 2012, entry is free. Tickets to the launch party on 31st May, with guest DJ Mike Joyce, are available for £10 plus booking fee.


  1. Yes! That totally is my pic. I dug it out of my dusty shoebox of photos – there are some right corkers from the Eighties in there. I vividly remember the bouncer taking my camera to take the pic. I guess bouncers don’t need to do that nowadays because everybody takes photos on their phones – another great profession de-skilled.

  2. I was at that gig with 3 friends. We had our back pockets filled with flowers raided from Botanic gardens. Good times.

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