Tesco robots – Just say no

Well, I finally did it. I had been building up to it for a while, and today was the day.

Tesco robots

I was in Tesco waiting for a till, when the man behind me in the queue indicated that the unmanned, self scanning checkouts were free. So that’s when I snapped and said out loud: No thank you, they’re evil.

I had been saying it in my head for a while. The man did a double take, then sailed past me to use the *spit* automatic checkout. He didn’t ask for more clarification, but if he had then this is what I would have said:

  • I prefer to deal with a human being
    Not everything in life has to be automated. Christ, even Starbucks want to know your name these days.
  • They squeeze out jobs
    What happens to checkout operators if a computer can do their job? And who tends to do those jobs? Women and students mainly. People who need more opportunities, not less.
  • They don’t work
    I’ve seen people stabbing buttons, scanning and re-scanning and getting stressed. Doesn’t look like progress to me.
  • They’re evil
    As I may have mentioned

Of course it’s entirely possible that I’m just being a bit of a luddite and resistant to change. But I’ve got an iPhone, three Twitter accounts, two blogs and a Kindle. I may not understand how they work, but I am definitely in the geek corner more than anywhere else.

But I don’t like these computerised tills and will always choose to Vote Human, even if it means a bit more hanging about in the queue until a person rather than a machine is available. It’s a mini-protest, but it’s mine. Or I could just avoid Tesco altogether.

Every little helps.

image credit:  Power is a state of mind