And the winner of the world’s worst competition is…

I have a piece of paper in my hand.

It contains the judgly deliberations of Daughter of Mine who (after homework but before tea) drew up a shortlist and chose a winner for our foot grater competition:worlds worst competition


Many of you came forward with tales of your horrible feet – for a terrible prize it was much sought after. I personally felt that the person who ‘fessed up to a nasty foot picking habit deserved to win, but the judge felt not, since “she already has a system”. Our winner was chosen because “she said please three times which sounds cute”. So politeness + cuteness = winner  There’s a life lesson in that for us all.

Well done to Cassandra who has triumphed at last and thank you to all who entered – May the skin on your feet be like your mince pies – nice and crusty and soft in the middle.