A fashion dilemma

I have a sartorial dilemma regarding tomorrow. To be fair, I am sartorially challenged at the best of times as I don’t exactly have the world’s biggest fashion cojones.

My approach to what to wear is this: I wear pretty much the same stuff all year round. I’m usually either too cold or too hot, with about one afternoon in March when I get it just right. I know that sounds uncomfortable, but it’s not really. I start with a T shirt and either add a cardigan or not depending on the season. Simple, see?

So what do I do in this situation: Tomorrow I have been invited on a blogger’s outing which involves a James Bond-style trip on a speedboat down the Thames. I have never been to an event which started with safety training before so this should be good. Outfit wise, maybe something like this?

fashion dilemma








Except I don’t have a wetsuit.

Then there’s lunch in a posh hotel. I don’t think wetsuits are allowed. It’s not Brighton, after all.

Later in the day I’m going to the Mumsnet Family Friendly Awards. I’m taking a clue from the word “Awards” that maybe wetsuits wouldn’t work here either. But what do I know? There will be a politician, canapes and a Twitter hash tag, so it’s totes moderne. Maybe they’ll all be in wetsuits, but claiming to be channelling Lady Gaga.

Added to that, Mash’s baby has not yet arrived, but is due any day now. So tomorrow could easily involve a dive in the birthing pool at Eastbourne Hospital. I might need a wetsuit after all.

So far my plan is to start off wearing all my clothes and just divest layers as the day goes on. Apart from that, I’m all out of ideas. This leaving the house business is exhausting.