A warning about Playmobil Fun Park Malta


My review of the Playmobil Fun Park in Malta for Have a Lovely Time accidentally caused a bit of a kerfuffle. A Facebook commenter living on Malta playmobil fun park maltadisagreed with my recommendation of the fun park as a place to visit. In fact she said she’d put it “below eating sand” on a list of things to do on the island.

Well, each to their own. Personally, I loved it. Look, I met a real pirate.

The Easyjet website has now made my review one of their travel picks of the month, proving once and for all that I am RIGHT and you, sand-eating person are wrong. Or at least, we have different opinions, both of which we are fully entitled to. And somebody else on the internet probably disagrees with both of us.


However, there is something I feel the need to warn you about when it comes to the Malta fun park. In the outside play area there are life sized Playmobil figures (you may recall the picture of me sitting on a pig). Anyway, there was a life sized horse, so naturally I hopped on for a ride.Playmobil fun park malta outdoors


Now, Playmobil connoisseurs will know that their horses tend to have very narrow backs so the figures can fit on. So have any concessions been made for the human rider?

No they have not. This is what you get to sit on:playmobil fun park horse
Ouch. My advice is not to leap with abandon on to these babies. Comes with free reminder of when to do your pelvic floor exercises.

I would very much like to go back to Malta one day to see more of the island (or at least the bits where they filmed Gladiator). This was about as much of the coast as I saw when I snuck out for a walk after breakfast. Worth getting up early for.



view over Malta