That PR/Blogger Bunfight

You might have seen this post which was re-tweeted with glee by many bloggers and media types yesterday. It’s the tale of a blogger who was promised much, yet had little delivered, by a PR. The post itself is very riveting, but if car crashes are your thing, read the comments in fullĀ as the PR tries and fails to mop up the mess.

I touched upon the lesser treatment that online writers experience in my post about the Christmas in July shows. Whilst some PRs respect bloggers and online peeps for the word of mouth they can engage, many still don’t know how to handle them.

When journalists get hacked off by PRs, they moan about it to their mates and in closed forums. They generally don’t name names or shout too loudly about it. But if you piss off a blogger, it’s not a great stretch of the imagination to think that they might…er…blog about it. Out loud on the interwebs where everyone can see. If you want a lesson in how not to do blogger outreach, this is it.