Gym Challenge 2009 – The Result!

So here, in all its naked statistical glory, is the result of my 2009 gym challenge. If you remember, the target for the year was 151 visits, AKA 3 sessions a week for 50 weeks, with two weeks off for good behaviour, but an extra one added in so I can kid myself that I did better than last year’s 150 total.

  • January – 11 times
    Not a bad start to the year, but I wasn’t exactly overdosing on effort
  • February – 12 times
    The shortest month, so strictly speaking that should count for bonus points
  • March – 11 times
  • April – 12 times
  • May – 11 times
    To keep to my target, I need to do at least 12 visits a month, but it’s starting to slip away already
  • June – 10 times
    At this point I got thoroughly hacked off with looking at the place and my own sweaty face in a giant mirror. Which explains…
  • July – 8 times
    This month I mostly went to Christmas in July press shows, so when I should’ve been at the gym I was sitting in a field with fellow hacks, necking free champagne and cake. Life is full of tough choices
  • August – 5 times
    Kids on school holidays and two weeks away explains this miserly total. But I always knew that this was going to happen, so there’s no point in bleating about it
  • September – 17 times
    I looked terribly blobby in my holiday photos, so this is where I start panicking about failing my own challenge. I’m nothing if not a tryer.
  • October – 16 times
    Also went away for a week at half term, so most of these were done in a 3 week burst. Definitely deserve extra points for that
  • November – 20 times
    Lots of stress and illness around this month, so it was good to have an escape. Though I did spend much of it feeling like I’d been kicked in the backside by a recalcitrant foal. Rest days are for wimps
  • December – 18 times
    I genuinely had to dig a tunnel out of the snow to do most of these.

So if you’re handy with the calculator, or have many, many fingers, you’ll see that this takes us to a grand total of…

*drum roll*

151 gym sessions in 2009. And the year’s not over yet. I could even do an extra one just for the heck of it. On second thoughts, maybe not.

So the big question now is, who else is man or woman enough to take on a gym challenge of their own in 2010? Please somebody take it off my hands, I keep hearing about other people who were smart enough to go for a Read 100 Books challenge or See 100 Films and I fancy trying one of those instead. Come on, if somebody else does it then that means I don’t have to (doesn’t it?).