What’s inside your make up bag?

Whats in your make up bag?


This is a shamelessly nosy post, for the shamelessly nosy nifflers among you. Gather round chums, we’re all friends here. Friends with an unhealthy interest in the contents of other people’s make up bags.

So this is what is in mine. (I’m not counting the random bits scattered around the house and lurking in various handbags. They get to come out and play another time).

In a system that only makes sense to me, I have 3 make up bags in daily use. Even though I don’t think I wear a lot of make up but I do like to have a choice.

And BTW, for complete transparency, these products are a mix of items I’ve been sent and things I’ve bought. So if it’s a PR sample I will mark it with an asterisk * and link to the original review. If you spot anything here you’d like to know more about, ask me in the comments and I will bore on for Ireland so much, you’ll wish you never asked.

Make up bag 1 – the orange Clinque bag – is for fancy make up, ie if it’s a brand you’ve heard of, and/or I paid more than a fiver for it, it gets to live in here.


make up bag contents


As you can see, I got some Chanel powder for Christmas and I can’t bring myself to throw away the box yet. Do you do that? Or do you just cast away the packaging like some devil-may-care barbarian?

I also got two lovely YSL lipsticks for Christmas which are just a real pleasure to use. Other treasures include the Smashbox lipsticks*, Urban Decay mascara* and lipstick*, NARS blusher & bronzer, Joan Collins lipsticks* and Laura Mercier eyeliner and lipliner.

There’s not much in the way of black eyeliner, though I have a dark grey Burberry one, a brown Eye of Horus eyeliner and a navy Sephora one. Black eyeliner just seems so boring now when there are more fun choices out there.

Speaking of fun, Make up bag 2 – the TonyMoly Pokemon bag – is for Korean make up. I don’t really have enough Korean make up to justify a whole bag, it’s Korean skincare that’s more my thing. But that Pokemon make up bag is so cute it has to be used BY LAW.


Korean make up bag Tonymoly Pokemon


My favourite product in here is the Miguhara BP cream. This is a very silicone-heavy cross between a BB cream and a primer that does a great job of smoothing everything out. There’s a glittery green Secret Key eyeliner for wearing to the gym, the excellent Missha Under Eye Brightener, DHC mascara*, and Etude House primer  lurking too.

Make up bag 3 – the rose gold Sephora one – is for tools and eyebrow stuff. I have such white blonde eyebrows, I need a whole sack of stuff to paint them in.


make up bag brushes

The brushes, including L.A.B.2* and Luxe Studio* tend to be on the cheapie side. I’m not convinced that a pricey brush makes that much difference.

What’s not in there? Foundation, for starters. I do like a squidge of Korean BB cream, but I haven’t found a foundation that suits my late 40s, pale as milk, skin without looking too heavy. Any recommendations?

And there’s no eyeshadow becasuse I can’t fit my Urban Decay palettes* in the bags, though I do use them every day.

Now I’m going to pass on the shamelessly nosy baton on to some of my blogger friends who have kindly agreed to show you what’s in their make up bags. I think it’s fascinating to see what real women wear, and how they choose to organise their stuff on a daily basis. So check out these beautiful bloggers who are going to show you what’s in their make up bags too:

Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you. What’s your favourite product in your make up bag?

  • naughtyfortydiaries

    Love this post. I’m very nosey . I love to see what people use in everyday life. Thankyou for the tag I’ll get on with my post shortly, Tracey x

    • It’s fascinating, isn’t it. We are all so different and one person’s essential might not even figure on another person’s radar. Thanks so much for joining in Tracey.

  • Vicky

    I love that you have 3 makeup bags! All of mine is stuffed into just one lol! Well – not my whole makeup collection, just the products I’ve decided to use this month! I can’t wait to share mine and see everyone else’s soon! xxx

    Victoria | http://www.spokenreveries.co.uk

    • I must admit there is a 4th make up bag somewhere that I use when I’m out and about. I pick out the bits I need from these bags and then decant them into a more portable, smaller one. Looking forward to your post, thanks so much for joining in!

  • It’s amazing the amount of makeup we all collect isn’t it? What we collect and actually what we use? Loving your brushes collection. I’m sadly lacking on that front so now I’ve seen yours I will definitely investigate more. Thanks for including me in this .. I’ve taken some photos today while the sun was out! Hopefully, I’ll have it live Tues/Weds. Sharon xo

    • I know! It doesn’t help that the Clinique bag is very big, so I can keep shoving stuff in there. On the brush front, I like my Real Techniques stippling brush for applying foundation, and I’m a new convert to oval brushes too. Looking forward to reading your post!

  • Thanks for tagging me! I too am off the ‘an expensive brush surely can’t be that much better than a cheap one’ school of thought! Loved having a nose into your post, and mine is going up tomorrow, so thanks for the tag!

    • I know, some brushes are just astronomical aren’t they? I would love to try a really pricey one some time to see if I notice a difference.

  • Lauren John

    Fun post, interesting to see what you’ve been sent and use. Slight envy at the Urban Decay, unaffordable luxury right now. Favourite things in mine, a few little foundation samples from YSL I am trying to eek out as long as possible, Bourjois shimmery but subtle eyeshadows, and an Avon moisturising lipstick.

    • I know, I consider myself very fortunate to have been given the chance to try so much Urban Decay. It really does make you stretch your comfort zones and consider new products. I do think their Naked palettes are a great investment, though the MUR dupes are not bad at all either.

  • Vicky Hallnewman

    i love that clinique bag! I am struggling with my foundation all of a sudden, its as if I can’t get a flawless look anymore. Thanks for the tag 🙂

    • You know, if foundation isn’t going on right then it makes more sense to look at your skincare. It might be that you need some decent exfoliation so you’re then applying the foundation to a smoother base. I have lots of exfoliator reviews so do take a look.

  • kerry Lifeandloves

    Im literally in love with the 3 make up bag mentality at play here. It makes so much sense to this make up organised obsessed woman. My stash is currently kept in an Ikea unit that is separated up into sections. I like to see all my pretties! You have many items in your bag that I haven’t heard of/tried. I will definitely investigate a few! A great post for us nosey parkers, Im now off to find three make up bags………

    • Ha ha thank you Kerry! I also have another one for out and about – I will pick out the items of the day and use it to stash them in my handbag. The only down side of this system is that the Clinique bag is quite big and a few things lurk in the bottom of it. But at least you can’t accuse me of minimalism!