Skin79 BB Pumping Cushion review

OK, I know what you’re thinking – Skin79 BB Pumping Cushion sounds like it has the potential to be kind of rude doesn’t it? I promise it’s not a sex toy or some sort of ~ erm ~ device.

What it is is one of these:

Skin79 bb pumping cushion


So it’s a cushion-style foundation, but not like a regular cushion, which is where the pumping part comes in:



Thanks to some Korean innovation, what you get here is a reservoir of BB cream under a plastic shelf. This is instead of the usual sponge cushion that makes these products so, well, cushiony. The idea here is that the plastic shelf is more hygienic than a sponge cushion.

Press down on the shelf to dispense a circle of drops of the product, then apply it to the skin with the same sort of polyurethane puff that you get in most regular cushion compacts. The cream itself blends in really well, and lightens up to match the skin. It’s a good thing it does, since it starts out the colour of a Rich Tea biscuit:


Skin79 BB cream cushion swatch


This colour is #23 – Natural Vanilla. It also comes in #21 – Bright Vanilla – for anyone who is super pale.

The big difference between this Skin79 product and other Korean BB creams is that it gives a more matte finish. This is down to the fact that it contains sebum-controlling powder to stop skin looking oily. Often Korean BB creams are mad for glow and luminosity, which can look great on a kpop star, but be too much for mere mortals. So I like that the Skin79 BB cream is a bit more matte, and this is why I wear the original, non cushion version of this (the one in the pink tube) pretty much every day.

This product is great for anyone who’s looking for a light coverage base. What you get is a Your Skin But Better kind of finish – it won’t cover up any major blemishes, so you may have to go back in with a concealer to protect the guilty. For me as a fortysomething, this is exactly the sort of light, barely-there coverage I want, though it may not be for you if you prefer something a bit more full on.

It’s great for portability, as the compact packaging is easy to sling in your handbag without worrying about product spilling everywhere. Skin79 make some of the world’s most popular BB creams, so they know what they’re doing here. That said, I have heard people complain of this brand breaking them out, so if your skin is very sensitive then I would tread cautiously and maybe try out a tester first.

On the down side, this was a rare packaging fail for me. The cushion lid arrived separated from the main body, as the plastic hinge was broken, even though it was boxed and wrapped in bubble wrap. I’ve ordered from BeautyNetKorea many times and never had a problem so I think this is just one of those things, and the risk you run when shopping online.


Skin79 BB Pumping Cushion product details

I bought this from BeautyNetKorea for $15.88 (approx £12.50) – it’s currently on sale for $9.48 (£7.50) so poopers to me for missing out on that bargain.


Have you tried a cushion yet? What do you think of the Skin79 BB Pumping Cushion? Leave a comment, I love to hear from you

  • That looks like such a great idea!! And you’re right, it definitely sounds like it would be naughty!! 😀 I’d be quite interested in trying something like this out 🙂 x
    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

    • It’s one of those things that’s very handy to have in your make up bag. Cushion foundations haven’t massively taken off in the UK, probably because the ones that are around are pretty pricey. But in Korea they’re a staple so there are lots of budget options like this.

  • That’s such a bargain! It is definitely one I need to investigate. You’re right, the 21 might be more my shade. I really need to investigate Korean beauty, it’s still on my to-do list. I just get distracted by products in shops!

    Honestly Aine

  • Kaye Ford

    Not sure what I think to a pumping cushion! Especially with a BB formulation. I do love cushion foundations though after experiencing them recently

    • Well it’s something different isn’t it? To be honest, I suspect I thought I was ordering a normaly cushion and was a bit surprised that the pumping version is something else.

  • Gareth Torrance

    My wife has real trouble finding a pumping cushion she likes. I’ll get her to look at this! Thanks!

  • Today I was talking with a friend about different BB creams and this one looks fantastic. It’s true that the usual cushions are not very hygienic and I’d love to try this one with it’s nice applicator. The price is very good too.

    • Oh I think you would like this one Lubka. Colours can be hard to judge but since it’s much lighter coverage than foundation you can make an educated guess and buy online.