Giveaway: Win a Body Shop skincare bundle worth £73


Whatever way you slice it, January’s a bit grim isn’t it? So let’s have a super special skincare giveaway. You might be skint and still covered in post-Christmas lard, but at least you’ll be well-moisturised.

How would you like to win the package of goodies shown above from The Body Shop? Right now they’re in my garden, but I’ve just brought them in to wrap up in bubble wrap, ready to post to a lucky winner.


1 winner will receive four prizes: brand new body and facial skincare items from The Body Shop

  • Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil (200ml, RRP £12)
  • Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil (30ml, RRP £30)
  • Skin Defence Multi Protection Essence SPF 50 (40ml, RRP £16)
  • Shea Nourishing Body Butter (200ml, RRP £15)

So you’ll be able to cleanse, moisturise and protect your skin with this prize package, which has a total value of £73. These products are suitable for all ages and a wide variety of skin types (though obviously don’t blame me if they bring you out in boils). They’re particularly good for the winter months when a combination of cold winds and central heating can really dry the skin out. 



Enter via Rafflecopter below – lots of options so do as many or as few as you want. UK entries only please (sorry international peeps, it’s the postage)



Closing at midnight on Tuesday 31st January 2017. 1 winner will be chosen at random and the prize sent out as soon as possible after that.



UK only. One entry per person please.


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 *Please note that this giveaway is not officially sponsored or endorsed by The Body Shop

  • Tracy K Nixon

    I love Body Shop products and these skin essentials sound lovely!

  • Rebecca

    Because I’ve recently noticed my skin ‘puckering’ and I’m trying to better moisturise it and keep out of the sun. These products sound like they would help do the trick nourishing my skin, as well as protecting it.

  • Fiona

    I’d like to try them because they are kind to the skin, not tested on animals and am sure would smell divine

  • jamie-lee norris

    i would love to try these products – i have extremely dry skin and am pregnant with my third child – due in march. Lately my skin has been awful and in a good need of TLC xx

  • Alison

    I’d really like to try these as my skin is so dry at the moment

  • Virginia

    I would love to win this bundle because I tried a sample of the Oils of life serum and my skin loved it, it was so soft afterwards! so I’d love to get the full size product. Also, I have combination skin and I have been recommended I try an oil based cleanser with my sonic brush and this camomile one sounds perfect. I love Body Shop and this bundle looks amazing.

  • Caroline Walliss

    I’d love to win these as my skin is always sufferring due to having to be outside alot with my job, i’d really love to try something new as i’ve tried so many different products. thanks.x

  • Quite Bad JuJu

    Love to win as I have stupidly sensitive skin, which is prone to dry patches. I love Body Shop products!

  • loinerlass

    I love The Body Shop products, and as I have very dry skin during the winter (Central Heating gah!) these sound like a perfect remedy.

  • Cherry Edwards

    Body Shop – natural products, environmentally friendly, kind to humans and animals and smell divine, but I especially want to try the Oils of Life facial oil having read about it recently

  • Lee Thomas

    I would like to win as I really like The Body Shop products, as well as the brand themselves – they have good eco ethics and don’t test on animals.

  • Ann-Marie Gould

    i would love to try these, i need a good pampering after a hectic christmas and cold old January 🙂

  • Tinley

    Loving the look of this bundle, and your blog.

  • Rebecca Williams

    I’m a big body shop fan and would love to try these products 🙂

  • debbie

    these look amazing xx fab giveaway thankyou x

  • Nora Kilgannon

    I really love the products I have tried previously from the body shop especially their peppermint footcare range. I have very dry skin and would love to try the Shea Nourishing Body Butter.

  • Dawn Samples

    I’d love to win these products because my skin could really do with a boost as it gets very dry and Body Shop products are lovely x

  • jenrogers

    Love Body Shop products – 73 year old skin now getting very dry needs treats!

  • May Edwards

    I love Body Shop products perfect for my skin

  • Liane Amos

    Such great products from the Body Shop

  • simey68

    they look amazing and it would help my dry skin as well

  • Nikki Hayes

    I love Body Shop products but haven’t tried any of these as yet – I’d love to as I tend to suffer with dry skin during the colder months :o)

  • Claire Nutman

    As i adore Body Shop products, and didnt get any smellies for christmas !

  • lindsay chadburn

    i love body shop it always feels like you are using luxurious expensive products

  • Kim Styles

    My daughter loves Body Shop and her 16th birthday is in March she will then look for a weekend job there (she contacted them last week!) these products would be a great birthday gift for her

  • Louise Smith

    Body Shop products are amazing

  • Janet Birkin

    I love Body Shop and my skin does too 🙂

  • Susan Smith

    At my age i need all the help i can get

  • Freya Ariel Knudsen

    It sounds like these will improve my skin and I’m willing to try anything to keep it healthy

  • Deborah Clarke

    Id love to win as my skincare routine has been sadly lacking this winter due to depression..i.need a boost start to look after myself again. Fingers crossed

  • Mark Witherington

    Animal friendly

  • lisa evans

    I love body shop products, my skin needs a treat, it is very dry at the moment!

  • Mari Sutherland

    Feeling the wind chill factor on the face atm would love to try something to keep it hydrated.

  • Jo Glasspool

    They sound wonderful.

  • MrRichTea

    I need products for my stupid skin! lol

  • Jane Willis

    I’ve got very dry skin and it’s even worse at this time of year, dry from my scalp to the tips of my toes, so I need some extra rich skincare solutions. The shea butter products would be perfect

  • Helly Moulden

    I’d like to try these products because my skin is in desperate need of pampering after Christmas!

  • Michelle O’neill

    really could do with a bit of a pamper x

  • Sally Poole

    Adore Body Shop, what a lush set 🙂

  • My skin has been a little iffy recently, with odd breakouts and dry patches. It’d be cool having something to balance it back out!

  • Beverley Cousins

    Body shop have some wonderful items

  • Sarah Ann

    I’d love to try these! I’ve heard so many good things about this cleansing oil.

  • Ellen Sheppard

    The silky cleansing oil sounds lovely and I adore The Body Shop Body Butters 🙂

  • Lindsey Stuart

    Oh wow I would love to try these products! I love the body shop my skin has turned rather oily for some reason.

  • Lorraine Stone

    As a treat for myself. Perk up those winter days!

  • Jules Smith Eley

    I would love to win a little treat for myself 🙂

  • Alica

    I love Body Shop products and would love to win! Thanks for the chance x

    (oops I told you the wrong name for following on Insta! Its @tiggerfic1973) x

  • Stacey Carnell

    I would love to try these because the winter is giving me very dry skin on my face 🙁

  • Jodie beaumont

    they look great and would like to see if they help with my dry skin!

  • Terrie-Ann Wright

    I’d love to get my skin in better condition for 2017

  • Christine Lockley

    This is the year I’m going to get healthier and happier and these gorgeous goodies will help

  • Mel Turner

    I would love to win as I love the Body shop stuff. My skin is in need of some TLC after one to many glasses over Christmas lol

  • Kelly Hemmings

    The smell of the Body Shop products are amazing! I love all the body butters.

  • My skin is really dry and these look like the perfect fix 🙂

  • Emma Rawlinson

    I’d love to try the Skin Defence Multi Protection Essence SPF 50 as my pale skin burns very easily so the high SPF would be perfect 🙂

  • Fay Norris

    I have psoriasis. Body shop products tend to be pretty good on my skin, so would be nice to try some of their products that ive not tried before. I tend to use the hemp range a lot

  • Jayne Townson

    I love body shop products so I would love to try these.

  • Emma

    I would love to try these products, love the Body shop 🙂

  • amy bondoc

    i love body shop products im always on the look out for new ones to try

  • Gillian McClelland

    I have very dry skin and would love to try these products to see if they can help my skin

  • EllaDawn

    the thought of having something new and fresh to try. which would hopefully brighten up and sort out my dull skin

  • Jo Carroll

    I always love trying The body Shop’s new products. I like their ethics and green credentials and you can be guaranteed they source their ingredients in a sustainable way.

  • Hayley F

    would love to try these as i have trouble finding products that suit my skin x

  • Solange

    I love The Body Shop products so I would love to try these especially the Shea butter which is great for dry skin.

  • Rachel Butler

    I’d love to try as my skin is in much need of some TLC xo

  • sarah mcvicar

    I would love to have a pamper session, my skin needs some tlc .xx

  • rebecca beesley

    i used to adore body shop products as a teenager but stopped using them as fell out of the habit – need to rediscover them again!

  • Michelle Ptak

    I love trying new products as I always vary what I use never sticking to the same products that way my skin benefits from all the good ingredients.

  • Kevin Pike

    My GF would love all of these!

  • Jade Pawley

    I’ve heard really good things about Body Shops skincare range but haven’t got around to trying them! I really should get into a daily skin regime!

  • Lynsey Buchanan

    I love body shop. I used the Shea Nourishing Body Butter when I was pregnant and I have zero stretch marks

  • Sharon stanley

    Body shop has so many great products. I would love to try these ones as it gives me a chance to treat myself for a change (kids usually soak up my funds lol)

  • Sam Rhodes

    body shop products never irritate my sensitive skin

  • Tiff Jordan

    I’d love to try these skincare treats as I’m taking better care of my skin now I’m in my 40s, and I’ve always wanted to try facial oil.

  • lyn

    Body shop products are always good.I’d particularly love to try the cleansing oil

  • I love Body Shop products and I haven’t tried these, I’d love to! I love trying new products to find the better ones for my skin.

  • Ellie Wood

    Yes please, to try and help me wind down after a difficult day

  • purpleshoes1

    my skin needs a makeover so would love to try these!

  • Mary

    I’d love to win this because I’m making g a move towards more natural products and these look perfect.

  • Harline

    Id love to try these well known reliable products I suffer with dry skin and hair these would be great

  • Kat Lucas

    I work outdoors and have dry skin and would love to try

  • maci234

    to help my skin

  • maria blythin

    i would loveto try these as i have dry wintery skin at the moment x

  • Bryony Sayburn

    To repair my dry winter damaged skin.

  • Amy Fidler

    I’d love to try them,to help improve my skin for the warmer months ahead x

  • Hayley Atkins

    Body Shop products can be trusted to be great for my skin and the environment. At this time of year my skin needs all the help it can get so I would love to win.

  • volcanopete

    I really do need to start paying attention to the needs of my skin.The rest of my body always seems to take precedence,currently the priority is the teeth falling out.

  • Sarah Wilson

    Because my skin has been really suffering lately, so these may be able to help.

  • Katie Simmonds

    I love the Body Shop and I love trying new things. My skin has been very dry lately so deserves a treat!

  • Emma

    I suffer with Psoriasis, so I’d love to try these as I’m always looking for something new that might help!

  • Lorraine Mabbitt

    My skin is very flaky and dry so I’d love to try to see if it makes a difference

  • Kelly Wheelhouse

    I’d love to try them because i’ve never used them before and I suffer with really dry skin

  • joanne ogden

    i love trying new beauty products and these look great

  • Sheila Reeves

    I’d love to try as am trying doing the double cleanse method at the moment and the reviews of the cleanser are good for this, and all the other products would be great for exta moisturisation

  • Claire Nelson

    I love trying new products and a combination of walking to the station for my commute and then sitting on a boiling train means my skin needs some TLC.

  • Laura Pritchard

    I used Bodyshop a lot as a teenager but not so much as an adult so I’d love to “rediscover” them!

  • Matthew Warman

    I’d give this as a gift to someone.

  • Rachael Ashmore

    Wow I would love to win this to give to my mother in law as a gift ❤

  • Stephen Jenkins

    great bundle

  • Paula

    I’ve not been to the body shop in years, I must visit!! I loved their products x

  • Pete Cleasby

    even I`d like to try the facial oil; my gf would love the other items just to enjoy a little touch of luxury

  • A, Edin

    I’d like to try them because I could really do with more products that impart moisture and I’d love to find out how these work for me.

  • jennhaden3

    I’d love to win this as a gift for my friend, I know she would just love them, thank you so much for the chance 🙂 x

  • Malcolm Butterworth

    My wife would love this.

  • Ray Dodds

    My wife would really love these products

  • kim neville

    I would like to try these out on my dry skin and see if helps

  • GCforever

    I haven’t tried Body Shop products for years so would love to dive in and try these.

  • Amanda Cater

    this would be such a treat

  • snarepuss

    I would love to try these as they look lovely 🙂

  • Victoria Prince

    I’d love to try these because I love Body Shop products, but they’re a luxury I’m not usually able to indulge in!

  • maria hackett

    i absolutely love Bodyshop products, been to get my blueberry body butter and shower gel today. I’ve never tried the Facial Oil or the cleansing oil. so would love to try please x

  • Patricia Whittaker

    I love Body Shop products and these products would be such a treat for my skin.

  • Kristyn

    I’d love to try these products as I am always wary about spending money on new items. This would be the perfect opportunity to try before I buy! 🙂

  • Emma

    I would love to try these products because I suffer with very dry skin and I’m fed up with buying products that don’t work. I haven’t tried the Body Shop products before.

  • Ruth Harwood

    I rarely buy from the body shop, it would be nice to try these I might decide to shop there more often!!

  • Martina Alban

    because I love Body shop

  • Natalie Baskerville

    I always get such dry skin would like to try these and body shop is such a treat to use

  • Amanda Gregory

    I love Body Shop products and shop there whenever I can. My skin is very dry and I know that Body Shop products have always helped with that in the past/

  • haxell

    I would like to try these products as I’ve never tried them before and my skin has really suffered with the weather recently.

    Hazel Rea – @beachrambler

  • Catherine Joyce

    I love Body Shop products and I haven’t tried these before

  • Paula Gwynne

    I don’t normally shop in body shop but would love to try these products to see how good they are

  • Carly Belsey

    I’d really love to try the Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil, I need something like this at the moment. I love all Bodshop products

  • supastar1501

    I don’t tend to buy nice treats for myself, so it would be lovely to give these a try x Leanne Bell x

  • cathrynbowen

    Since my brother in law treated me to body shop products love them all the way

  • id love to pamper myself

  • Angela Kelly

    I love the Body Shop products but I don’t buy them often (bit pricey) so these would be a nice treat.

  • Elizabeth Hinds

    I love their products and haven’t tried any of these – it would be great to try something new 🙂

  • Emma Schofield

    Would love to try these products as I haven’t used them before and I’m always looking to try new great products x

  • Sandra Siddall

    I would love to try these because I am always on the look out for new products and these sound & look amazing.

  • Patricia Avery

    I just love trying new products I haven’t tried before 🙂

  • Rena plumridge

    Id love to try, I like to try out new products

  • Derek W

    Would give these as a gift. My sister suffers from dry skin so the body butter would be particularly beneficial for her. x

  • Mel Ev

    I’d love to try these products as i suffer from dry skin and am always up for trying new products that will help my skin

  • ♫ Alison M ♪

    Id love to try this products as they look fab for older skin

  • Caroline J Robinson

    I’ve never tried Body Shop products before and these products seem great.It would be nice to have some pamper treats to enjoy

  • james wright

    my skin is drying with old age 😛

  • Gemma Middleton

    I love trying new body products. Thanks for the chance

  • Nancy Bradford

    My skin is super dehydrated this winter and this looks like a great remedy x

  • yasmine

    Been wanting to try the cleansing oil for ages and body shop skincare. Have not used it since i was a teenager

  • Lindsey Loughtman

    Love love love facial oils. And Body Shop.

  • Julia Hartley

    Body shop products have brilliant ethics are kind and gentle to skin are reasonably priced and above all work. This would be a fab chance to try before I buy xx

  • Erica Price

    I do love buying treats for me from the Body Shop.

  • Kirsty Sparks

    I’d love these products as Body Shop products are really high quality 🙂

  • Lynn Hughes

    These would be excellent for my dry winter skin.

  • Kelly E Hirst

    I’d love to try these products as I’m always looking out for new products for my dry skin

  • Hayley Todd

    I would love to try these products as I suffer from excessively dry skin so would love to see if they benefit me.

  • Keshia Esgate

    I love the natural products from the body shop and would love to see if they help with my dry skin x

  • Donna Large

    love natural products

  • cjh123

    Lush products. I already use the camomile coconut cleanser in the tin and it melts make up off. Would love to try the other products xx

  • Pauline Black

    i have heard great things about the bodyshop range but I haven’t actually tried any of it except for a lip balm!!

  • sallycollingwood

    Would love to give these products a try xx

  • Ali Johnson

    I’m stuck in a rut with my Body Shop choices so to be given the chance to try some new products would br great.

  • Maria Knight

    I have always loved Body Shop products so would take great pleasure in trying out these goodies to help my dry, wintery skin!

  • CrazyJoggingGymLady

    I am always looking to try new things that will help/stop my skin drying out

  • Lisa Wilkinson

    My skin does not like the winter weather. It goes really dry and spotty

  • Kat Allinson

    I love to try new skincare products, I cave such dry skin at the moment and these ones sound like they could really help

  • Samantha R

    I’m actually having issues with dry skin at the moment so I’d love to give these a go.

  • Tee simpson

    id love to try something different on my skin

  • Adrian Bold

    I’m always on the look out for new skin care products, so this would be a great win for me.

  • Amanda Tanner

    Love body shop body butter soncant have enough of them to try

  • Jane Middleton

    Lovely products

  • Kate

    Fab giveaway, I suffer with combination skin so am constantly battling oily patches and dry skin. This would be fab for keeping my skin looking great.

  • Sam Megansmummy Parkes

    Perfect for keeping my skin in tip top condition, love bodyshop.

  • Tess Max-Dav

    love Body Shop products so would like to try these

  • Paula Cheadle

    to see if it will improve my dry skin

  • Jessica Hutton

    Love body shop products. They really help with dry skin xx

  • Anna Brown

    I love to pamper myself and body shop products are fantastic

  • emma j lowe

    I don’t often get chance to pamper myself, body shop stuff is nice but I just don’t get chance to sample it very often.

  • Karl Borowy

    wife wants to try this items

  • tammi nutting

    love the body shop

  • Ruth Wollerton

    Because I would love to pamper and perfect the body shop way. Thanks for the chance xxx

  • Catherine Gregory

    My skin need some tlc in this horrid weather and these would provide just that. Thank you

  • Amy Dickson

    I would love to win as I am such a huge fan of the body shops products and the shea body butter is amazing but I’ve not had a chance to try the others yet!

  • Cassandra Mayers

    Ive always been a huge Bodyshop fan, these products i’ve not tried from them before

  • Diana

    My mum is a big fan, I would like to try some too.

  • missingsleep

    I’d like to try these as I am a big fan of the Body Shop products, they always seem gentle on my skin x

  • Mrs Broomfield

    I’m trying to take better care of my skin as I get older so these products would be great for my daily skincare routine.

  • Laura Mugomezi

    I Love all things Body shop and that they are cruelty free x