Adventures in decluttering – part two

I recently wrote about decluttering your beauty stash. Part of the point of writing that was, of course, to give myself the necessary kick up the backside to start Sorting Stuff Out and generally unfuck my habitat.

This week I have been tackling the Drawer of Shite. I am sure you have a Drawer of Shite too. Everybody does. I have many. So, plenty to work with there.

This particular drawer contains course notes and paperwork from media training courses I ran about 10 years ago. I used to really enjoy running them, but then I didn’t, so then I stopped.

There was a big pile of feedback forms lurking in a folder in the drawer. I held on to these because most people used to enjoy the courses as much as I did. They’d write nice feedback and give me 10 out of 10 for a job well done. Of course, sod’s law dictates that when I fished out the forms this week, the one that caught my eye was when some unpleasable wreck had marked me down to a 6 out of 10. Instant misery.

A big focus of the Marie Kondo system of decluttering is that you should only have things in your life that Spark Joy. I can only imagine what she would say about pieces of paper with the ability to reach up from 10 years in the past, fix you with an icy finger of doom and make you feel like crap.

So all that stuff had to go. I ended up holding the papers out at arm’s length, so if there were any more messages of misery, at least I couldn’t see them as I ripped them into tiny pieces.

And now the Drawer of Shite is pretty much clear. I have several more where that came from, so this is likely to be an ongoing saga. The thought that keeps me focused is: Do I want my children to have to deal with this when I’m gone? And the answer is usually no, so I deal with it now.

On a less gloomy note, I have been using up my beauty product samples and am now down to a mere 19 in my collection. Big woo. Go me. The saga continues…

What is in your Drawer of Shite and when will you chuck it out? Fess up in the comments box below

  • Good work Joanne! I gave my unwanted make up to charity the other day thanks to your tip, and have sorted out a bag of clothes from the loft. Just 4 more to sort through… yawn!

    • Oh well done Ellie. I need to start on the clothes next. Some things I will never wear again but it’s hard to let them go because of good memories.

  • Jodie Whitham

    I actually sorted mine out the few days into the new year, and surprisingly it has stayed relatively tidy! Really good for me x

    • Yes! Keeping it tidy, that’s the next challenge.

  • Roz Goodgame

    I love decluttering, its so satisfying. well done!

    • It is, isn’t it? The hardest part is getting started, I find, but once you do then it takes on a momentum of its own.

  • I hate decluttering, but we are drowning. Possibly because I hate decluttering. It has to happen!

    • Possibly those two things are related? I’ve still got way too much stuff around the house, but I find that even if I clear out a small area it makes a big difference to how I feel.

  • I have so much stuff generally. I did commit to the Kon Marie app a week or so ago, and read the book last year. I am about half way through clothes, but I know that’s the easy bit.

    • I’m really fascinated by that method, though not enough to actually read the book or follow it through. I kind of sidle up to it, then get scared and run away.

  • Ah this made me laugh! I have so much clutter and am on a mission to get rid of it all. Well done for throwing it out. I am trying to use the ‘does this thing spark joy’ question too and so far, so good! Polly 🙂

    • I think it’s a good question because it really does focus your mind, though it’s difficult with practical stuff because there’s only so much joy it can spark

  • Now I’m off on maternity leave I am literally going to turn our house upside down decluttering, so I loved reading this and getting in the mood. I have more than one shite drawer and quite often I just displace the shite, instead of clearing it. This time it’s getting CLEARED!

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

    • Good plan, because for a small person a baby can’t half attract a lot of STUFF so you will have plenty coming your way to fill in the space. Good luck with it all Lyndsay!