3 ways to declutter your beauty stash

3 ways to declutter beauty stash today


It’s that time of year isn’t it? When we’re all overwhelmed with STUFF and feel the need to create a new, clean slate to match the New Year. Only it’s kind of hard to do that when the bathroom cabinet door won’t shut, on account of the impressive beauty stash you spent the previous year acquiring. So here are a few tips to kick things off

Three ways to declutter your beauty stash today

  1. Chuck out everything that’s opened and has been for over a year
    If you didn’t use it in the last year then chances are you won’t use it this one. In any case, products that have been opened for more than a year are more than likely past their sell by dates already. Look on the packaging for a tiny symbol that looks like an open jar, with a number on it (probably 6, 12 or 24). This is the amount of time the item is good for after it’s been opened. After that the preservatives in it probably won’t work, so heaven knows what kind of beasties and organisms you’re putting on your face. Don’t risk it, bin it.
  2. Use it up
    I know this sounds obvious, but make a point of using the stuff you have before you buy any more. If you have a backlog of skincare so big you’d need to grow an extra head to use it all up, then you need to start using it in bigger quantities. So a moisturiser could become a body lotion, or a thick layer of serum would make a good moisturising mask. Don’t save it for best. Today is the best. Today is when you are alive.
    This is most of my current stash of beauty samples. Curses to you kbeauty retailers and your plentiful supply of samples with every order. Especially the Pokémon ones that look far too cute to rip open. But open them we must – this stash won’t declutter itself. So my aim right now is to use at least one of these a day. 
  3. Donate to charity
    I wrote a post here about the wonderful charity Give and Make Up, who will give your unwanted beauty products to women in need. They’ll take lightly used items, or if you have new, unopened items then your local charity shop, food bank or women’s refuge will be very grateful. Just don’t leave stuff to gather dust if you’re not going to use it yourself. That way no one benefits.


And of course, once you’ve decluttered, the challenge then is NOT to reward yourself by buying more stuff. This is where the January sales are no bloody help at all. Stay strong friends. Look, but don’t touch. Load an online shopping cart but don’t check out. Together we can do this.

Are you on a decluttering mission right now? Leave a comment below and let me know how you’re getting on. I’d love to hear any hints and tips you’ve found useful

  • Kate Veggie Desserts

    Loads of great tips. Nice to know about the charity!

    • Yes it’s a good one to know about, I have donated a bunch of stuff to them in the past

  • I had no idea you could give beauty products to charity. Great tip.

    • Charity shops will take unopened stuff. Give and Make Up are rare in that they will take ‘lightly used’, which they class as: if it’s good enough to pass on to a friend, they’ll take it.

  • I often give stuff away that I haven’t used to charity, after all it might find a better home!

    • It’s a good thing to do, that way it’s not wasted and more people benefit

  • I am always decluttering my beauty stash, I have so much! x

    • Joanne Mallon

      Just as we get rid, more arrives to take its place, right?