New SpaceNK referral offer – free postage plus a luxury goody bag

Beauty retailer SpaceNK have launched their latest referral offer. Once again it sounds like a good ‘un if you like a beauty freebie. Use the special referral link and you’ll get free postage plus a luxury goody bag containing 5 beauty treats.

As yet there is no clue as to what the referral goody bag will contain (UPDATE – I’ve got one, it’s amazing, scroll down to see), and the contents may vary from person to person. But this is one of the goody bags from the previous referral offer, to give you an idea of what to expect. Not too shabby, eh?


spacenk referral offer


SpaceNK referral offer details

    • You can access the SpaceNK referral offer via this exclusive link:
    • It’s for new customers only. I have heard of people using multiple email addresses to set up new accounts but I don’t know if they have closed that loophole.
    • The free beauty gift bag contains 5 deluxe sample sized products, and contents of beauty gifts may vary. The photo above shows what was in a previous gift bag and isn’t what you might get this time round. If I get my mitts on one of the new bags I will post a photo. UPDATE – I did, check it out below.
    • There appears to be no minimum spend for this offer. The terms & conditions DO refer to a minimum spend of £40 BUT one of the people who’s used my link has told me that they managed to get it without having to spend this much. It’s possible that this is a temporary loophole, so probably best to jump on it before somebody notices and closes it.
    • This offer is for online purchases only, and runs from 1st December to 14th December 2016.
    • There is an incentive for the referrer – if 3 people use my link then I get “an exclusive beauty gift”. I’m hoping for Debbie Harry on a motorbike, since that’s my idea of beauty, but knowing my luck it will be some bath salts. If 6 people use it then I get £10 off my next order. So they’re not exactly killing themselves with generosity, but I still thought it was worth passing on.


Thank you so much for those of you who used my link. I was able to get a beauty gift bag of my own, which you can see below. I’m REALLY thrilled with it, especially the mini Diptyque candle and the NARS bronzer. The SpaceNK gift bags in this offer do differ, so this is just an example of what yours might contain – let me know what you get!

What do you think of this SpaceNK referral offer? What would you buy from the store? Leave a comment and let me know what you think

  • That’s pretty snazzy! It’s always nice to get extra goodies!

    Honestly Aine

    • Even better it looks like there is no minimum spend after all

  • I don’t do make-up, but I can see that it is a good offer for people who do and for the referrer (you!) too! That makes it a bit more fun too, I think.

    • Yes it’s a good freebie if you like this sort of thing. Thanks so much for stopping by Sarah.

  • I’m with Sarah, I don’t really use makeup unless I’m at an event but that’s a brilliant offer for those who would get the most of it and it helps you too. #Girlboss 🙂

    • See, I have to wear makeup every day or else I look half dead. You’re lucky you can get away without it, I envy you. Thanks so much for commenting Amy, hope to see you again.

  • Melissa Mcdonagh

    Mine came yesterday and I got the same as you. Really pleased with the Diptyque candle and the Nars bronzer. I worked the prices out for these sizes from the full size prices listed on the card and they’re both worth over £17. Considering my order was only £16 it was a bargain. Thanks again for the referral code, Joanne 😀

    • Oh fantastic news Melissa, I’m so pleased you got it too. Turns out they have closed the offer early because it was so popular – can’t say I’m surprised!