New Japanese skincare launching in the UK – DHC Rich Eye Zone Care Pack

DHC rich eye zone care pack review



Yeah OK I couldn’t find my hair band and had to use Shrek ears. Don’t mock. We’ve all done it.

Launching today in the UK, DHC’s Rich Eye Zone Care Pack promises to address a multitude of concerns, from eyelid puffiness and laughter lines to under eye bags and dark circles.

Those are big claims, but masks like this do genuinely work in flattening lines and puffiness around the eyes. This is because they press down on the skin for around 10 minutes, and that’s enough to smooth things out, at least temporarily. The flattening effect lasts for several hours. So if you’ve got a big night out coming up then a treatment like this is great to do maybe 3-4 hours before lift off. Leave a little time for the serum or cream to absorb so your make up doesn’t fall off, but after that you’re good to go.

I’ve used Korean eye masks many times before. This Japanese version is slightly different. One side of the mask is dry and the other contains eye cream. Having one side dry keeps the material slightly stiffer than, say, a sheet mask which is drenched with serum all the way through. So this means that it adheres to the skin more firmly, a bit like a hydrogel mask. And given that it sticks to the skin more firmly, you get more of the flattening effect.

Bottom line – it leaves you less wrinkly. Hurrah!

However, the stiffer material means that it’s not 100% comfortable. You could still use a computer whilst wearing them (I did) but you’ll be aware that they’re there. There’s a little cut on the side of each mask so it can be adjusted to fit all eye shapes. As you can see in the picture it still lifted slightly at the corner of the eye but all in all it was a reasonably good fit.

The creamy, intensive formula contains multipeptides to support collagen, olive fruit oil to add moisture and hyaluronic acid. It’s fragrance-free, paraben-free and suitable for sensitive skin. Once you’ve taken the mask off, simply massage in the excess and leave it to absorb. It’s very light and non-greasy.

Packaging wise the Rich Eye Zone Care Pack is simple but hygienic. There’s a resealable outer pouch, then the eye masks themselves sit in a resealable plastic tray. They’re folded in pairs so you only expose the cream to the air when you unfold a pair of masks just before use. This should protect the masks from contaminants and keep them fresh until use.


DHC rich eye zone care pack


DHC recommend using these eye masks one to two times a week, but I would be more inclined to keep them for big nights out and important events where you want to look your best. I’m not normally a fan of keeping things for best, but I wouldn’t waste these on the school run.


Have you ever used an eye mask like this? What do you think of treatments like this? Leave a comment below


Product details

Rich Eye Zone Care Pack is available from today at RRP: £15.00 for 6 applications

Selected DHC products are also available at, and, and leading stores including Selfridges, Fenwick, Bentalls, BeautyMART and Bliss Pharmacy branches.

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  • Oh my gosh, I used to swear by DHC at university – this was back in the pre-baby days when my budget stretched further than Poundland and Aldi special deals – but I’ve never seen them mentioned much. I’ve never tried this kind of mask, but I used to love their peel face mask. 🙂

    • I’ve heard a lot of people seem to really like their cleansing oil, that’s got a great reputation. Must look out for the peel face mask, that sounds good.

  • No I have never used an eye mask like this one. Would love to though.

    • Definitely give it a go Stella. They’re not particularly expensive and they do produce results so well worth it in my opinion.

  • I’ve never tried using an eye mask before but after reading this I am tempted to! Sounds like a great thing for us older ladies. 🙂

    • Well, masking is really becoming more and more of ‘a thing’ so I think you are going to see more targeted masks like these around. They’re quite fun to use as long as you don’t mind looking silly for about 10 minutes.

  • Michelle

    I’ve really got out of the habit of both face and eye masks recently. I’ve got a growing lists of mask I’d like to try so I’m definitely adding these to it!

    • I love masking but the hardest thing can be finding the privacy to do it. They’re not generally something you’d want to answer the door whilst wearing.

  • tracey bowden

    I have really let my skincare regime slip lately but I could desperately do with something for my eyes I always feel like I neglect them #LIML

    • Your regular moisturiser is probably fine around the eye area, but I have a post coming up on eye creams if you want some recommendations.

  • I’ve never used them but anything that can help with making my skin smoother is definitely good by me!

    • That’s the spirit Alice, everything’s worth a try at least once, except possibly murder.