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Mindful Moments gift set spiezia organics


These are stressful times for sure, no matter what is going on in your life. So let’s try out a gift set that’s designed to help you feel less stressed. Even better, I’ve got one for you to win too.

The Mindful Moments gift set you see here is part of the Made for LifeTM range by Spiezia Organics. It’s part of a range of 100% organic skincare and wellbeing products. They’re all handmade in the heart of Cornwall using ingredients that are as close to home as possible. This award-winning British skincare range is suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

The brand are organic pioneers – in 1999 Spiezia Organics was the first UK company to achieve 100% organic certification across the entire collection from the Soil Association. It has striven to help them create and enforce accreditation for beauty products in the UK ever since.

The gift set itself is quite tiny, but the details are exquisite. From the dried roses in the packaging to the flourish of white ribbon and even the matte texture of the little glass bottles, there’s something very pleasing about this gift set. It’s like something Alice would find down the rabbit hole at a time when she really needed to calm the fuck down.


Mindful Moments gift set contents Spiezia Organics


When you open the box, you’ll find an organic herbal tea bag in the lid, to let the calming commence. Underneath the lid, this beautifully presented gift set contains three 10ml bottles of scented oils. Each contains a mix of specially blended organic ingredients designed for:

  • Connect and Nuture (aquamarine bottle)
    Lavender, geranium and roman chamomile scents evoke inner calm and help connect with the grounding, peaceful presence of nature. The lavender in this makes it ideal to help you drift off for a peaceful snooze.
  • Focus and Clarity (yellow bottle)
    Clear your head and find focus with this fragrant blend of vetiver, bergamont and frankincense. To my nose, this is the most unusual of the three scents. Which is unexpected, since I’ve encountered them all before, though maybe not in this combination. It’s quite a ‘wake up’ sort of fragrance so that must be where the focus comes from.
  • Uplift and Energise (purple bottle)
    Rosemary, sage and thyme revive and energise. This is the one to reach for when you are procrastinating about your work and have got sidetracked into refreshing Facebook 50 times a day.

With each of these oils, the idea is to place a few drops on your fingertips, rub them together to slightly warm the oil and release the scents, then gently clasp your hands over your face. Take deep breaths to calm yourself.


Made for Life Spiezia Organics Mindful Moments gift set


Because of the openings of the bottles, it’s slightly tricky just to pour our a drop or two – a glass dropper might have been easier. But maybe this is part of the point since even this forces you to slow down whilst using the set. To me, this is the idea gift for someone who needs to slow down – maybe a stressed-out friend or just for yourself if you need a treat. The little bottles are pretty enough to sit on your desk and decant a few drops when you need a pick-me-up throughout the day.

If you’re looking for a gift, you can see some more gift sets from Made for Life by Spiezia Organics here,


One reader will receive a Mindful Moments Gift Set by Spiezia Organics worth £25.



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  • Tracy K Nixon

    The products sound lovely especially as they are organic too! I need a pampering after a stressful June!

  • Lucy Lucciano

    I would love to win this to give to my Mum as she deserves a nice pamper and a treat

  • clairdownham

    would love to win for my mum

  • Hayley F

    I would love to win to give my mum a little pampering x

  • Jane H Shaw

    I always try to buy and use organic products but can’t always justify when buying for myself this would be a real treat. Thanks

  • D J Freeman

    My Mum is totally into organic products, she says organic = a longer life

  • Ailsa Sheldon

    little bit of luxury!

  • Kim Styles

    I would love to win this because it would be lovely for my best friend who has had a baby and needs a little bit of alone time to reflect and be pampered

  • Aaron Broad

    I would like to win as would make a nice present for my mum

  • julie kenny

    I would do with this – been a very stressful time recently x

  • Quite Bad JuJu

    I could really do with relaxing. I recently had minor surgery and once I had recovered, which took a while due my chronic illness, my eldest daughter had to have major surgery. It was all planned but she ended up spending an extra week in hospital due to an infection. Gladly she is home and on the mend but still needing daily care. Not having a pity party as she is way more important but the odd chill time would be very much welcomed!

  • Vapes Motel

    Stress seems to be my middle name of late.

  • Margaret Gallagher

    I love all ways to promote relaxing and benefits for healthy body and mind
    This sounds amazing and perfect

  • Amanda

    I would love to win this to hopefully help with my caring and demanding role at home

  • Alica

    I suffer from anxiety due to medical conditions that are extremely painful and would love to try this 🙂

  • Katie Skeoch

    There’s a fair amount of stress in my job, this would be a great pick me up during the day

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    I think every girl would love to be pampered so it would be lovely to win this giveaway.

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    I would love to win because it looks lovely! I could especially do with the uplift and energise!

  • Ruth Harwood

    Would love a little pampering 🙂

  • Stevie

    I’d like to win to gift it to my sister in law who is pregnant and deserves a treat.

  • Rebecca weatherall

    This set sounds lovely! And just what so many of us could benefit from at the moment! The scent combinations sound wonderful!

  • Jude Dysart

    I just started an aromatherapy course, and it’s fascinating…these products would be lovely

  • Eva Vida

    It looks so good and I would love to have a treat 🙂 thank you for the chance

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    I’d love to give this to my Mum so she can relax.

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  • rebecca beesley

    this looks like a fabulous way to relax x

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    Would love to try this, sounds very therapeutic.

  • jo liddement

    Would love to be able to take this with me on our little cottage holiday in Cornwall at the end of this year.The weather may not be brillient but would be nice to just de-stress and have some TLC.

  • Nicki Simpson

    I’ve just discovered mindfulness and now I can’t get enough of anything to do with it!

  • Margaret Murray

    I think I need this, it’s been a stressful week. Thank goodness it’s Friday.

  • Heather Haigh

    My daughter and I both love natural and organic products and these sound like a lovely relaxing treat.

  • Jodie Holyoake

    I would love this as a treat to myself!

  • Fiona

    I would very much like to win

  • Hannah Owen

    I would love to win this for my sister, she is under a lot of stress from work at the moment, so could use all the help she can get to calm down and relax!

    • Michaela Smith

      Make your mind up! you have left so many comments saying why and who you would like to win this for 🙁 Hope a genuine person wins this prize.

  • Leah Wheatley

    To enjoy some time out for me.

  • Claire Nutman

    I really love your teas x

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    It would be lovely to have whilst I do my half an hour of mindfulness colouring everyday – my calming time.

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    A lovely friend of mine is moving house soon, which is always stressful, so I think it would make a great gift for her in her new bathroom.

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    Looks like a lovely way to relax and destress


    I’m in need of some relaxation after stressful periods of life lately!

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    To relax and take away the everyday pain.

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    Your whole blog piece has convinced me I need to slow down, take stock and become more aware of the here and now. Your fab give away would definately help me do that. x

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    They would be great for my daughter as she suffers from stress and anxiety x

  • Sheri Darby

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    ooh lovely being a 24/7 carer, mother, and mummy to 11 kitties 2 doggies rabbits guinea pigs hamsters birdies and tropical fish not to forget to mention George the hedgehog who visites the garden every night I sometimes get stressed out this delightful prize giveaway sounds heavenly

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    Would be nice to treat my mum as she is always on the go and doesn’t sit down and relax often anough so this might help

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    Now that I am getting older I have realised that natural products and lack of stress are the way to go. I have lost weight, my skin is clearer and natural products have made me feel so much younger and full of energy. This would be a great addition to my armoury, thanks.

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