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I was challenged by the makers of the best compact camera, Panasonic to round up some of the best places for street art in Brighton. But as I walked around the city today I realised that that would be an endless list. It’s around every corner and down every alley way. Some of it’s officially sanctioned, and some of it’s clearly teenagers going hog-wild with a spray can.

It’s even on the bins – check out this Star Wars-themed bin at the entrance to the Open Market on London Road:




London Road has had a big regeneration in the last few years. Thankfully it hasn’t been taken over by chain stores. It’s retained an independent flavour because anything else wouldn’t be Brighton.

Brighton home owners seem happy for their houses to become a gallery, so you’ll see a lot of stuff like this on gable walls. When I was growing up in Belfast there were many political murals on gable walls, and they were very menacing and aggressive. So I prefer the Brighton way which is more about colour and creativity. And things bursting out of walls:


Brighton graffiti art


One of my favourite newish pieces of street art in Brighton is this massive doggy mural in the North Laine area. It was created for the 2016 Brighton Festival, inspired by Guest Director Laurie Anderson’s canine concert Music For Dogs. People sent in pictures of their dogs along with reasons why they’re so special, and 50 of them were chosen to be immortalised in the mural. You’ll find it on Kensington Street – that whole street is awash with giant murals so there’s plenty to see.


Brighton street art dog mural


Some coffee and lipstick with your street art?

For more ideas about what to do in Brighton, check out some of the best places to have coffee. Also check out the best Brighton places to shop for beauty and skincare. And if you spot an alleyway, duck down it because it could have some unexpected stories to tell.

Don’t be a stranger!



Brighton street art graffiti

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Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday

Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday
  • Kaye Ford

    I love the dog mural! That is so adorable! I also love the fact that when I go to Brighton, the street art has changed every time I go. I think it is amazing

    • I know, I like that too. You never quite know what you’re going to spot, but it’s usually something interesting or thought-provoking or preferably both.

  • I never realised that Brighton was a rich hub for street art. I think it fantastic that the community embraces it – I’m not sure it would receive quite the same warm welcome in Tunbridge Wells where I live ;). The doggy mural is incredible. Some people are such talented artists. Tx

    • There’s definitely more of it appearing in the last few years. There used to be just a few stand out pieces, now it’s everywhere and often quite elaborate. Come for a visit!

      • I should visit again. Haven’t been in years, yet live just a short hop in Tunbridge Wells. Tx

        • Let me know if you are ever down here and we can have a bloggy meet up

  • Oh wow, how neat! Where I live, in the US, the only graffiti I ever see is on passing trains haha. We don’t have much street art here. There are a few smaller businesses that paint murals on the sides of their buildings, but that’s about as much as I see. That dog mural is so cute! #KCACOLS

    • Hi Savannah, thanks for commenting. The US equivalent of Brighton would be San Francisco so that will tell you what kind of place it is and why it tends to attract a lot of artists.

  • Wow I love the R2D2 on the bin, so detailed! #KCACOLS

    • I know, it’s so cool isn’t it? I had walked past that lots of times until somebody pointed it out to me.

  • joanna smith

    Wooooah that’s so cool!! We don’t have street are where a live, just graffiti. Really bad graffiti! #kcacols

    • Here we call them graffiti artists. Encourages the vandals to be a bit more creative.

  • Wow this looks awesome! They are so well made! Very talented people. I have only been to Brighton once and I don’t remember seeing this but next time I go there I will pay more attention. Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. Also thank you so much for commenting a lot this week. I really appreciate that especially being your first week! 🙂 xx

    • Thank you! I don’t think I’ll be able to link up every week, but when I do I’ll take the time to do it properly. Thanks so much for running this linky, I can tell it must take a lot of work.