What I did in the summer holidays

I think the internet is ganging up on me. Ever since we had a week off-grid, with no internets, our home broadband has pretty much ground to a halt. Not much blogging going on around these parts, I haven’t got the bandwidth.

So this post is to remind myself of some of the fun we had this summer

  • Went to Normandy, liberated Europe
    Here we are landing on the beach:Summer holidays Normandy beach
  • Went to Thorpe Park and got on a rollercoaster by mistake
    That left me a bit discombobulated. I should stick to the teacups, they’re the ultimate mum ride. You flounce about a bit and are ready for a decent cuppa at the end.summer holidays thorpe park 


  • Read a LOT of good books
    I think I was lucky this summer and  all 10 books I read this summer were total corkers. More to follow on this, my mind is still boggling.
  • High quality sleeping
    This was the summer my children started sleeping in till 10am minimum. They were both dreadful sleepers as babies but finally we get payback.
  • Stood on the stage at The Globe theatre
    Or Shakespeare’s Globe as it is now known, or Doctor Who filming location as it is better known to us.summer holidays joanne mallon shakespeares globe

  • Interviewed the editor of The Beano
    That was pretty cool.
  • Went to Hampton Court and didn’t get lost in the maze
    In contrast to the visit I made when I was 8. It’s easier to navigate when you’re not 8.
  • Went to the cinema in the afternoon
    Minus kids, plus booze. Highly recommended:
  • summer holidays afternoon cinema
    Got my work done
    Probably helped by the fact that I stuck to core stuff and didn’t take on too much extra. Also I was the only household personage apart from Dennis the cat to get up before 10am, which helped a lot.
  • Got nominated for an award
  • Saw Miranda Hart
    Miranda Hart is doing a big arena tour and did warm-up gigs in a small venue in Brighton. I managed to buy a couple of tickets before they sold out. The show is HILARIOUS (I nearly said SUCH FUN!). She gave out Doritos to the audience. We weren’t allowed to take photos in the venue, but here’s our souvenir:summer holidays Miranda Hart live

    You’d look shocked as well if you were holding Miranda’s Dorito.


So all in all it was a very good summer. I hope yours was twice as good with cream on top.

  • Ha! We have that picture of us liberating France too!
    I actually prefer a rollercoaster to the teacups, I come off those much greener 😉
    And I’m very jealous of the stage shot!

  • Which one did you get on … thinking of that advert http://youtu.be/w9J_q2OUzis

    Which is a hanger like Nemesis Inferno.
    Now if you did Swarm or Colossus, those are probably the two most hardcore – quite like Colossus, but not that keen on the tight corkscrew section.

    Stealth – pure speed

    The lightweight of the bunch – Flying fish – about the only ride you can get instant go-agains on, it really belongs at Chessington rather than Thorpe.

    Wasn’t that keen on X:no way out – another weak ride with a very long dark not much queue corridor leading to the “backwards in the dark” ride – I gather they are supposed to be re-theming.
    PS. I gather that X: actually had a lot of problems with people being ill leading to them trying running it with lights on.

  • Thanks both! Matt – it was X that took us by surprise. We didn’t expect it to be quite so rollercoastery, since it’s indoors. By the time we realised it was too late so I just shut my eyes and squealed like a baby.

  • I’m dreadful on roller-coasters. Teacups are my level, too. And don’t you just love the word ‘discombobulated’.

    Hoorah for children sleeping late in the holidays!

    Looks like you had ‘such fun’ during your summer hols, Joanne.

  • Indeed we did Trish. Feels like such a long time ago now though, I need another holiday.