What Alan Partridge teaches us about fear of driving

In my book about fear of driving, I look at how music can really help you feel less nervous and more confident when you’re driving.

Music takes us mentally to another place, so a carefully-chosen driving playlist can help to take you to a better place when you’re driving. The right track can be the difference between an enjoyable drive and a panic attack on the road. Choose the songs you love to listen to when you drive and it will help you to love driving too.

As ably demonstrated here by the legendary Alan Partridge in Alpha Papa, every drive deserves its soundtrack:

  • I never realised there could be a link between confidence driving and music. It makes so much sense now you say it, I must remember that next time I’m trying to master all these new country roads round here! Mich x

  • Thank you Michelle. Music is incredibly powerful – look at how adverts use it to put us in a particular mood. So you can use that to change any activity you want to. This is why I have particular CDs I think of as ‘housework music’ so at least if I’m doing something dull then I will have some cracking tunes to make it a bit less dull.