Did I mention I have a book out?

Well I do, I really do.

A few days before Christmas, this turned up in the post:toddlers an instruction manual cover


So what started out as an idea is now an actual book you can buy on Amazon, hold in your hand, put on the shelf, prop up a wobbly table with, borrow from the library or load on to your Kindle. Heck, you can even read it.

Amazing. That is what happens when you chase an idea and keep taking action – just do that for long enough and eventually it becomes real.

And then it becomes a mug:toddlers an instruction manual mug


Last week I emailed all the contributors to let them know the book was out, which felt like a great thing to do, like handing out a late Christmas present. Except it’s a one of a kind, money can’t buy type of present to be able to say HEY DUDE, YOU’RE IN A FRICKIN’ BOOK.

I love these posts from BareNakedMummy, Life, Love and Living With Boys, Boo, Roo and Tigger Too and Little Miss Madam and the Sunshine Duke, which really sum up all the excitement that I hoped the book’s contributors would feel. Fun as a Gran wrote a lovely post too, followed by a competition in which you can win a signed copy (went out yesterday and bought a Special Signing Pen. This is no job for any old biro). You can also win a copy at Larger Family Life.

And now my days are concerned with minute by minute tracking of the book’s Amazon rankings. I reached the giddy heights of Number 11 in the Kindle best selling books about toddlers chart (yes there is such a thing) and had to go for a lie down.

It’s said that everyone has at least one book in them, but what happens when that book gets outside of you? Perhaps that’s where the adventure really begins.

  • Oh what a lovely comment, you’re giving me goosebumps too.

    What I have found from coaching people who have a dream to write is that it’s a calling that doesn’t go away. Those voices in your head will only get louder. So yes, you might as well give it a go because it will probably take you less energy to do it than it would to keep on not doing it.

    Good luck!

  • Oh I’m so glad you like it Katie – call it a late birthday present!

  • I am so happy for you! I am going through the process of writing my first children’s book. The ideas are floating in my mind, whilst at the same time I keep thinking, can I really do this? Your post has really given me the push to keep on moving and making my dream become a reality, just the thought of seeing my book available for others to enjoy is giving me goosebumps and making me smile.

    Have a great day 🙂

  • Thank you SO MUCH for sending me a copy! I was excited and touched enough that you had sent one through to me (and perfectly timed as my daughter and her cousin are just starting to dabble with the terrible twos) but then I opened it and saw that you had said such nice things about me in the acknowledgements. I sat down and burst into tears.
    What a lovely, lovely thing to have done – and totally unexpected! It was my birthday yesterday, so you get quadruple Brownie points.

  • Oh you should go for it Yummy. There’s never enough time for anything really, so if we were to wait until we had enough time we would wait forever.

  • Congratulations Joanne! What a fantastic achievement.

    I have toyed with ideas for books for years, half writing quite a few, but I never seem to get around to completing them. Story of my life! So I am impressed. Think I will keep going with the blog as it’s the one thing I’ve been sticking at!

    Well done 🙂

  • @Caroline – Yes I have mentioned you and LBW – double whammy! If you like it, tell your friends.

    @Ellen – It’s really fun to tell people. I’ve contributed to several books before, then had to go and buy the book to see if my contribution was used because the author never told me. But it’s a nice thing to do to share the excitement and thank people for their help. And well done if you are only checking Amazon once a day – I’m hoping to cut back to a once a day habit, eventually…

  • Congratulations! I must grab myself a copy… Let me know if you want any contributions with anything else. Always have an opinion to offer!!! Did Lunchbox World or me get a mention then? Do tell… @lunchboxworld x

  • Congrats. I thought it was just me who checked amazon first thing in the morning! And I can’t believe I haven’t emailed the contributors. D’oh! I’ll put that right now.

  • I’m glad it got published and gobsmacked that I actually got in!

    Waiting to buy it and possible give to friends!!


  • its really nice to see how much excitement we all seem to feel just by writing our personal experiences, I cannot even begin to imagine how much joy at your achievement you must be feeling Joanne. glad the sales are going well and we can all help push that up for you

  • Thank you very much for your support Elaine and BNM, I really appreciate it a lot.

  • Thank you Rach, that is a really nice point to make.

    Well Dilly my mum likes it so that’s a start, but it’ll be interesting when someone who’s not in the book or related to me gives their verdict! Bit nervous about that side of it.

  • Sounds like a great idea. Even though I’ve read lots of parenting books, there is something a bit “off” about one person thinking they have all the answers. How refreshing to have a community effort, all chipping in.

  • How exciting! Well done! Hope you get some cracking reviews.

  • ooh thank you! My sister’s just had a baby, so I’ll buy it for her so she can read up in advance! (tee hee!)

  • fab, thank you very much for doing that Caroline.