Doctor, doctor, I keep seeing little blue men…


What’s a Smurf? asked Son of Mine. Is is it an animal?build a bear workshop smurfs

Son, much to learn you have.

Let me take you down to the Build a Bear Workshop and we’ll find out for ourselves. Though this cuddly toy emporium is best known for its teddy bears, it’s also home to dogs, owls, dinosaurs and for a limited time only – The Smurfs.

I used to work in The Disney Store when I was a student, and when the manager was feeling particularly vicious he would declare it an ‘Ears Day’ and we would all have to don the Mickey headgear. But that is small potatoes compared to what the staff at Build a Bear have to do:

making build a bear workshop smurfs

Though you couldn’t get a more welcoming host than Hayley, and I do think that beard suits her very well.

So, Son of Mine made a Boy Smurf, whilst Daughter of Mine created her own Smurfette. The Build a Bear way is that you start off with the outer skin, then add noises, stuffing and clothing to create your own unique toy. And as we inserted hearts in our Smurfs, I loved that you had to rub the heart on your nose to make a nosy Smurf, on your forehead to make a brainy Smurf and on your cheek to make a cheeky a bear workshop smurfs shop


So it’s a very different experience to simply going in and buying a toy off the shelf. As guests of BAB we didn’t pay for our Smurfs, but what I’ve found when we’ve bought stuff from there before is that they become the cuddly toy classics of the house. They’ve got so much personality that children can’t help but bond with them from the start. And when our BAB Bunny started coming apart at the seams after three years of enthusiastic cuddles, the staff were happy to repair it free of charge.

Whilst they can be pricier than other teddies (though not necessarily – prices start at £9 for a 36cm bear), I do think that you get a lot more for your money since the mere process of shopping for a toy is turned into an experience to remember.

Meet our Smurfs!


with our build a bear workshop smurfs

The Smurfs are in store now at all Build a Bear stores and online here, priced £18, with accessories from £4.50. The Smurfs movie opens in the UK on build a bear workshop smurfs smurfettethe 10th August. I think I’m going to need two extra tickets.

  • Ohhhh I was so jealous when I spotted someone with a cuddly Smurf yesterday at the première Now I know where they got it… I love BAB we have many of their bears at my house and all Over loved by kyd! I may have to go to BAB to get a Smurfette for me and a Clumsy Smurf for Kyd. I <3 The Smurfs soooo much. The film is a must see for all children (& double figured children too!!)

  • Thanks Alice – and I’m jealous that you’ve seen the movie already.

    My son has taken his Smurf into school today, and every single person who sees it wants one – event the headmaster asked him where he got it from.

  • LOL Tania I have a feeling my first single was by Papa Smurf

  • I loved the Smurfs! I had the Magic Flute Smurf on vinyl. I am not as old as I sound.

  • oh come on Joanne you’ll have to do better than that. Live up to your name FGS