Competition: Win a traditional leather satchel worth over £100 COMPETITION CLOSED




Yesterday I promised to tell you how you can get hold of your very own beautiful leather satchel, so here goes.

It’s a super-simple competition, and one lucky winner is going to be very happy, not to say stylish, as this is the fashionista’s bag of choice right now.


One winner will get a satchel of their choice from The Leather Satchel Company. You can choose any size or colour, from the more traditional browns and greens, to the zingy fashion shades of hot pink or pillarbox red. I would choose the purple, but then I can’t enter *boo hoo*.

Sizes start at 11 inches (handbag size) through to the largest 15 inch size which is big enough for a laptop.

pink leather satchel Your prize satchel can also be inscribed with your initials and can be shipped to anywhere in the world, so you can enter wherever you are.

Your bag will be created specially for you by a British team of leathersmiths, based in Cheshire since the 1960’s.

It comes with a five year guarantee, so in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, they’ll repair it free of charge.


All you need to do to enter is to leave a comment below answering this question:

“What would you put in your satchel?”

Put your email address in the comment form so we can get in touch if you win. Your email address won’t be shown or passed on to any 3rd parties or used for marketing purposes.

EXTRA CHANCES TO WINnavy leather satchel

Leaving a comment below is the main way to enter, but you can improve your chances if you also follow The Leather Satchel Company on Twitter @LeatherSatchel and/or ‘Like’ them on the Leather Satchel Company Facebook page. So if you do all three, that gives you 3 chances to win.

Gail from the Leather Satchel Company will be cross-checking this, but it would help her immensely if you could mention in your comment below if you are also entering via Twitter and Facebook as well.


This competition closes at midnight on Friday 15th July. Gail will choose the winner at random and will be in contact to sort out which beautiful satchel you’d like as your prize. And then the company’s leathersmiths will set to crafting your bespoke bag!


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  • I would carry my essentials – mini makeup kit, purse, mobile…. everything but the kitchen sink!

    Viv 🙂

  • Adorable! Particularly love the initial detail.

    I’d fill this satchel with my iPad, a moleskin notebook, my filofax and a red lipstick, for a mix of retro and contemporary to match the bag’s style 🙂

  • I’ve also liked on FB and followed on Twitter 🙂

  • Helen Casey

    It’s for my husband, so an apple, his favourite car magazine and a note (but I’m not telling you what it says!)

  • Beautiful prize, I’ve been coveting a leather satchel for my new teaching job starting in September. And as I’m a teacher, I’m likely to have USB sticks, spare pens, a pritt stick, some scissors, lots of bits of paper and a bunch of keys!
    I’ve also followed on Twitter (@parklover1) and liked on facebook.

  • Good lord, I don’t think I’ve ever see anything so beautiful, not ever.
    I would take my bag to all my author events and make people stroke it and, clearly, tell the world where it came from… am liking of FB and have followed on twitter (@Caroline_S) x

  • I’d use my satchel as a mobile office for the days I work on the hoof, so it would contain my netbook, smartphone, notebook, digital recorder, flashdrives, business cards and pens, as well as my handbag paraphernalia (lippy, mirror, contact lens kit, foldaway hairbrush, compact, tissues, etc). And of course, whichever good book I have on the go for those idle moments when only a good read will do.

  • I’d put my camera, my notebook and weird collection of pencils that really ought to be gotten rid of, my phone, a good book, copies of Oh Comely and Cent magazines to mooch through, my mp3 thingy and headphones…..pretty much anything I can think of…I like to carry a lot of stuff around!

  • I’d use it to carry my imfamous electric blue Manolo Blahnik’s, after they have caused yet more corns and blisters during a night out and I have swapped to hole-ridden flats for the walk home… x

  • Beautiful prize. I would put in my provisional driving lesson and take it with me on driving lessons, take it with me with things like notepads and pens for my voluntary work at school and for the hospice and carry my passport just in case ..

  • What would I put in my satchel, hmm.. I already said I wanted a lime green one. I think I would keep it for me so non of that mum stuff, I would fill it with treats just for me, a little hop flask of gin, cake, a secret trashy mag and fags if I still smoked!

  • (I hope my typo doesn’t rule me out!)

  • I like the company as Kate Holmes on Facebook

  • Rachel Gully

    In my satchel, I would carry; my iPad, my iPhone, my purse & essentials to be ME and not just Mummy :0)

  • I remember having a rust leather satchel like this at primary school which got given away sadly.I’m a stylist as well as fashion blogger, so my tape measure is a must,camera, makeup wipes, V & A diary covered in vintage shoe designs, mens brolly (they never break)and my favourite neon pink lipstick and vintage compact mirror. I also followed on twitter (@zipbuttonandtuc) and liked on facebook.

  • I would use it as a changing bag?! Bad huh?! Any bag is adaptable to a chnging bag through and just cause your a mum doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish!

  • Laia

    I would put my phone, my lip balm (essential) and the pages and pages of the book I am writting on my spare time…hopefully will finish one day! x

  • I LOVE these but I’m not too sure about the bright colours. I’d use the smaller size as a work bag and/or travel bag so the usual items – phone, make-up, filofax, sweeteners, hand gel, keys, spare knickers… this is all very telling, isn’t it 😀

    Have also followed on Twitter as @nickie72

  • I would go all old-school with my bag and use it to carry my lunch box (I promise to take cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off to work if I win!), sweeties and purse along withd my work stuff (pens, notepad, recorder & business cards). I also carry a little notepad that I’m using to plan my wedding and my iPod to keep me entertained so need something big & strong to cope with all my stuff!

    Have liked on Twitter as @emmawilliams and on Facebook as Emma Williams.

  • I’d start off all business-like and efficient with essentials like purse, BlackBerry, Kindle and lipbalm. After about a week I’d revert to my sports-mad type with all of the above, plus assorted bits of rowing kit – rigger jigger, hairband and maybe even a seatpad, plus emergency chocolate rations. Oh, and about 100 receipts. (P.S. have followed on twitter and liked on FB) @pcarswell patriciacarswell{@}

  • I love these! So trendy yet classic! I would carry the manuscript of my novel around in it but not a pen in case it leaked!

    Have liked on FB and already follow on twitter.

  • cat szafran

    iPad – Camera – phone – make up bag – papers – meds – first aid stuff – maps – coins – sweets!

  • carole

    my small notebook

  • carole

    liked and followed too

  • Oh, I want the hot pink, monogrammed. And I want to put my iPad in it. Of course, I don’t have an iPad yet, but maybe if I had the right bag…

  • All my essential bits: phone, keys, purse. Things to make me look good: compact, lippy. Maybe a book & a snack.

  • Following on twitter @ericahughes

  • Debbie O’connor

    liked on facebook also…what a fab looking satchel…looks great and would hold all my bits and pieces that a woman just needs to carry with her:)

  • A very slinky notebook and a biro that absolutely would NOT leak ink

  • Lisa Nelson

    Just like the one I had when I was at school, a copy of “Look In” a packet of Monster Munch and a selection of novelty rubbers…I mean erasers.

  • trevor griffiths

    simply my precious

  • I’d keep my sketchbook and pencils in it (in my dreams), probably more like a few nappies and a half-eaten banana

  • I’m following on twitter (@makedomum)

  • kerrie milford

    my packed lunch and a good book!

  • Mary Preston

    I would carry my Kindle. I am hooked on ebooks.

  • Mary Preston

    Follow on Twitter


  • Mary Preston

    LIKE on FB

  • Donna M Burke

    I would carry all the essentials – in other words everything bar the kitchen sink! Love this satchel 🙂

  • Catherine @mummylion

    Mine would probably contain nappies, wipes, snacks, baby clothes, my purse, phone, car keys… boring eh? I’d like it to carry an iPad and a bottle of vodka, but these are unlikely!

  • Catherine @mummylion

    I have followed them on twitter

  • Catherine @mummylion

    I have liked on facebook

  • I’d put my iPad, my phone, wallet , beauty pouch , my kids snack, a notebook , tissue, hand sanitizer, camera and my car keys 🙂 All practical things that can fit into a satchel 🙂

  • Elle

    Double woof! The coolest schoolbag ever…i’d put in all my books, pencil case, purse and of course an apple for teacher and one for you too!!! xx

  • phil

    My son will be starting at university in september.One of these would be perfect to carry his new laptop.

  • Val Harbut

    Why put anything in it? It’s beautiful to carry just as it is!

  • Elaine

    I’d slip in my dotty diary, the cards I need to post to my friends and a magazine or two to read on the train or the plane, or wherever I happen to be, because this beautiful bag would come everywhere with me.

  • Lovely! I’d carry my oyster card, iPhone, moleskin, Orla Kiely pen and wallet and a pack of tissues.

  • I’m following on twitter too @gingerbread_mum

  • Hi,as i don’t have a stylish bag,i would use mine to put my flat shoes in for after a night on the town…

  • Mel Chambers

    What gorgeous bags. My (hot pink one) would contain my netbook, ‘phone, makeup essentials, purse and of course, a bag of haribo

  • Uuuggghhh … I love these satchels. They remind me of the first one I ever at school — aged 6 — only much nicer 🙂

    I would want the largest size. In it I’d carry my new laptop, my indispensable moleskin notebooks, purse, hairbrush … oh, and not forgetting my *absolute* favourite ‘can’t- live-with-it’, confidence-giving, just as essential as my notebooks … lipbalm.

  • I would carry many thing in the satchel…give me a chance to win one and I could think of manyyyy thing s to put in one…..

  • Lucy Jolin

    In this lovely bag, I would carry an equally lovingly crafted packet of spare time. If anyone can tell me where I can get one, I’d be most grateful.

  • ann carline

    I would put my makeup,iPod,sweets,drinks and purse

  • laura stewart

    so cute really would like one i would carry my every day things i use use as car keys mobile phone and proberly pack of wipes for my messy daughter xx

  • Judith (from Israel)

    I’d put my wallet, keys, books, make up case, umbrella and sweater in it.

  • Laura Seely

    I would keep my uni work in mine. With such a gorgeous satchel I’d be the talk of the campus! 🙂

  • Amelia

    A dog-eared script and a towel. ;O)

  • I’d put anything I could get my hands on in that satchel – just to have an excuse to cart it around and show it off.

    I’m entering all three ways

    Fluorescent / Dayglow / Illuminous Pink Hide (11-inch) with FC monogrammed on it for me!

  • sharon griffin

    i would carry my essential summer items including flipflops, sunglasses and suncream . Also my lucky gemstone as that goes everywhere with me 🙂

  • Christina McDermott

    What would I put in my satchel? A hip flask full of Bowmore whisky, my iPhone, my notepad, my Kindle, love notes from my fiancé, and various baking ingredients I’ve picked up on my travels. Oh and Cherry Carmex.

  • Gem

    I’d put some copies of Jackie, Smash Hits and a packet of Love Hearts in it…

  • Gem

    … and I’m also following on Twitter and like you on Facebook. Because I really need a home for my comics and sweetie stash.

  • A red lipstick. Very red. Bobbi Brown or Dior. A dog eared notebook and a rubbish biro that usually runs out or gets pinched by whichever photographer has forgotten to bring theirs on the job. Spare baby socks. My iPhone. Wallet. Spare knickers. Doesn’t everyone carry spare knickers? Not for assignations, I hasten to add. Just, nice to know you have them! On a good day, a couple of spare pound coins that I discover in the folds at the bottom.

    Followed on Twitter

  • Lux

    All my artistic scribbles and award-winning writings. Well, I doubt I’ll win the satchel so I might as well keep dreaming.

  • Lisa Day

    I’d put my laptop in it and notepads and cd’s and dvd’s and a pen and anything else i can fit in there.

  • claire woods

    My lunch!
    Liked and follwed too. @clairew137

  • joan

    diary, lipstick and purse

  • A hot schoolboy!

  • Christine Johnson

    l know l would not put school books in, l would keep my phone, purse and all my bits in it

  • Suzanne Scott

    I can’t go anywhere without my lipstick!

  • Robyn Clarke

    Great competition. If I had a satchel like that I’d use it to carry all my odds and ends back and forth from work, my lunch, whatever crochet I’m working on and my netbook 🙂

  • Hazel

    I would put in my phone, my purse and everything I feel I need with me every day … and it would all fit!

  • Hazel

    I have followed on Twitter – @beachrambler

  • Hazel

    I have followed on Facebook (Hazel Rea)

  • I had on of these in brown 40 years ago!! It was my first day at Brumby Comprehensive school, and I was in the playground spinning my satchel round and round, when it flew off in my hand and went through the school hall window.My 17 year old daughter wants me to win or buy her one for college.Hope she doesn’t do the same, as clumsiness runs in the family.

  • Emily Carlisle

    Beautiful bag. I think I’d put the children in it, and leave them there.

  • why werent these round when i went to school – never fashionable as a child so hopefully you can made me a fashionable adult

    a black one with ST on it to hold my raincoat, spare set of clothes if i stay out or get wet and lets face it with irish weather i so need it

  • george davidson

    it’d be for my daughter whos 11 going on 18 so it’d be make up and phone, nothing else matters does it ?

  • something as beautiful as that would have to be kept until I win an ipad or netbook that would fit into it.

  • following on twitter @pooohbear2811

  • following on FB as Elaine Livingstone

  • jessica may

    I would use this for my work laptop, and show it off every time i walk into work.

  • Andy

    The girlfriend would love one of these she’s always running out of space, but if you ask me what she keeps in her bag? Sometimes I’m afraid to ask.

  • Lara

    Laptop, phone, keys. money and a book if I’m on the go.

  • julie kenny

    I would give this to my daughter for school if I was your lucky winner – so she would carry all her school stuff in it. She has been sending me links showing all the bags she loves and these are the top of her wishlist! I`ve followed you on twitter @relisys222 and already follow on facebook

    Thanks for the chance to win Xx

  • Marion

    I would use it as a very stylish changing bag.

  • Vintage records because i collect them, sea shells because they are pretty,a diary to right my thoughts and anything i find on my travels that catches my eye and captures a memory.

  • Sarah

    I like the idea of having the bag equivalent of a swiss army knife. I’d have timetables, a railcard, an oyster card, a first aid kit, an umbrella, notepads, a fountain pen, a biro, ink cartridges, a phone, sweets, a camera, a gps, and a good book. Needless to say these things don’t all fit in my current bag…

    Have followed and liked.

  • I’d probably retire my existing not-really-a-change bag, and put the baby change kit in it. That way I can be the coolest mum in town, and my beloved won’t complain about having to carry a girly change bag.

    (Also followed on twitter @meedja and on facebook)

  • Pixie

    Oh wow! What a lovely giveaway. I’ve been lusting after these for some time.

    I’m about to need a larger bag to carry around all manner of mum related items when my baby is born in November. So, my idea is to use the satchel to store nappies, lotions and potions etc whilst still looking fashionable and relevant. OR, I might just fill it with my camera, a picnic and go to Whitby to enjoy the seaside before it’s too late. 🙂


    at the moment I would have it lots of things to keep me cool on the bus ride to walk plus a good book to let the minutes pass quickly

  • rachel

    oh they are all so nice.

    I’d put my kindle a picnic in mine, and spend afternoons in the park with my books and a sarnie

    Hope I’m lucky..

  • I’m a teacher so it would be stuffed full of lesson plans, marking and red pens !

  • I’m following them on twitter now too 🙂

  • Flavia

    In my beautiful satchel I would put my notebook, my books and my favourite music, all I need for my perfect day!

  • Helen B

    my mobile, pen, notebook and wallet

  • This would be a perfect music bag…I’d use it to carry round my scores and piano music.

  • have liked on facebook and followed on twitter

  • I would put my new iPad in it and a notepad. I would not put anything relating to babies or toddlers in it at all.

    Would probably have chocolate of some sort as well as a treat!

    Will follow on twitter too.

  • Paula Nixon

    I’d put in my Kindle and poo bags – I never leave home without either of them! 🙂 The poo bags are for my dog by the way 😉

  • jayne e hall


  • gabrielle svensson

    what wouldn’t I put in my Satchel!! purse, phone, keys, make-up, hairbrush, pen, notebook…. the list goes on.

  • Heather

    I’d put my iphone, camera, sunscreen, rose vaseline, purse and a selection of little people toys.
    I’d also like to take it shopping, so it could choose some new make up to go inside it and a nice new outfit to compliment it 😉

  • Steph

    Oh how lovely!
    I’m following on Twitter (@mrs_sock)
    when I’d stopped stroking the loverlyness I would fill my satchel with all the things a mummy needs for a new baby, and I’d take extra good care of it so my daughter can use it when she’s older (she’s 7 wks now), cos it’s leather it should last forever 🙂

  • Great giveaway! LOVE these bags! I’d put my cell phone, SPF, gum, and footzyrolls in my satchel!

  • I’m following leather satchel on twitter.


  • I would keep all of my beloved play scripts in my satchel, for example: Little Shop of Horrors, Undermilk Wood, Keeping Tom Nice etc. I would also keep my Chanel red lipstick, my silk scarf and my sunglasses in it!

  • I would keep my beloved play scripts in it, for example: Little Shop of Horrors, Undermilk Wood, Keeping Tom Nice etc. Also my silk scarf, sunglasses and Chanel red lipstick! I have liked on facebook and followed on twitter @bebopshalula.

  • I would keep my beloved play scripts in it, for example: Little Shop of Horrors, Undermilk Wood, Keeping Tom Nice etc. Also my silk scarf, sunglasses and Chanel red lipstick! I have liked on facebook and followed on twitter @bebopshalula. You can reach me via either of my email addresses: or

  • Jkylazuniga

    I got no Ipad to put in it. I got no expensive things to put in it. Simple school stuffs that goes inside a beautiful Leather Satchel Bag becomes all glittery and gold-ish ♥

  • sheetal

    I would carry bottles of water, some ajwain seeds, my laptop and my work shoes so that i could wear trainers on the way to work 😀

  • Blessing Aladetoun

    Here it goes, well i would put my favourite lipstick, my blackberry phone, my pen, compact mirror (im not vain), a book, camera, my mini hand moisturiser and hand sanitiser (im not a germ freak but i do like to rid the germs)and my classic ipod!! i love every single trendy!! ( email: )

  • Nancy Townsend

    Notebook, ciggies and gum

  • Oh what a gorgeous bag! If I had one I wouldn’t let it fill up with used tissues, leaky pens, half-eaten cereal bars and sticky raisins. Oh no. This would be my grown up bag. I would put sleek gadgets and beautiful stationery in it!
    I have followed in Twitter (@sandycalico) and liked on Facebook (Sandy Calico).

  • karen latif

    lovely prize i would carry all my books for my study groups

  • ashleigh

    my diary, work papers, a book and my purse, keys and phone!

  • Helen LP

    my drawing kit (Moleskine, pen, watercolours) and my iPad – all absolute essentials!

  • Please enter me, these look fantastic.

  • In my satchel, I would put a notebook, for scribbling things down when I get a flash of inspiration. Along with all the essentials of course!

    I’m following on Twitter (@cupidsbow1414), and liked on Facebook (Jane Lambert)

  • Kate Holderness

    I’d fill my satchel with trashy magazines, sweets and lip gloss. Studious & ambitious on the outside, a bit of a mess on the inside! Just like me!!


  • Kate Holderness

    Forgot to say I’m following on twitter & like on Facebook too! Xx


  • ellis

    I would carry all my essentials such as my phone, ipod and ID but I would also include a book just in case I can sneak in some reading time!

    I also followed on twitter and liked!

  • I’d love this satchel, I’d put all the stuff currently in my handbag in it – purse, hairbrush, lipstick, compact/miror, keys ans because it’s the perfect shape my iPad would fit too.

  • I’m already a Facebook liker

  • Jackie Turner

    Following on twitter and fb. It would allow me to keep my music notes in, with spare reeds and other things for my clarinet with my iphone and all it’s music apps for teaching 🙂

  • Hmmm I like that pink one, I wonder where they get the pink cows from?

    I would have my sketch book and pens plus the usual gubbins and i would pick the smaller size so my son can’t shove his junk in my bag too!

  • My camera, wallet, iPod and iPhone kindle or a book, business cards, pen and paper for sketching or jotting words, lipgloss, keys and sunglasses.

    I liked and am following.

  • Hi! I featured your giveaway on my blog 🙂
    Just had to get the word out since the bags look great!

  • Louise Calvert

    I’d use it for the general ‘stuff’ that I carry around with me all day. Like purse, camera, ipod, blogging notebook, laptop for train journeys, wetwipes, potions, medications (like aspirin, antacid – that sort of thing – you never know what might strike). Erm… loyalty cards, vouchers (are we calling them coupons now, or are we still English?), mints, magazines, diet guide, work keys, house keys, sunglasses, normal glasses, diary, tissues, dull corporate business cards (real life), jazzy new blogging cards (imaginary internet life). Packet of emergency supernoodles in case I can’t get out for lunch. Just stuff, really.

    (also following on twitter : @girlbehind)

  • Sheet music is what I would put in mine. I have just started a part-time music course at college!

  • Kirsty Fox

    My changing bag just broke, so I would use it as that. I would put nappies, wipes, changing mat etc in it, perfect!

    Twitter – @bloomingfox
    Facebook – Kirsty Fox

  • Kirsty Fox

    I am following @LeatherSatchel on Twitter and I have liked them on Facebook

    Twitter – @bloomingfox
    Facebook – Kirsty Fox

  • temesed

    oh, I would put my essential things into this gorgeous satchel bag: Phone, purse, shades, keys, lipgloss, hanky, water, chooooocolate :)))

  • temesed

    forgot to say, liked The Leather Satchel on FB for another chance :)))

  • Sara Friend

    My new laptop

  • Emily

    All the things I usually carry, keys, phone, purse, dominoes, yes… dominoes, notebook, pen etc etc etc!

    Lovely satchels – love the colours.


  • Caroline Elmhirst

    My new satchel would be filled with everything that reflects my life…nappies and wipes for the kids…diary and notebook for work..trainers for Zumba…and make up to make me feel human. Good thing the satchel is nice and big!

    Following on twitter too @CazzaE

  • Rachel

    Geek chic! Ok, a better question is what would I NOT carry? I usually carry my life with me – phone, wallet, keys for starters, my current book, fruit, lipbalm, oyster card, hairbands and grips for hair emergenices, mirror for contact lens emergencies, tampons for other emergencies, the thing I meant to take to the post office 2 weeks ago….you can see I need a bag that will age gracefully!

  • I’d keep my phone, camera, ipod and keys in this gorgeous bag. No clutter!

    Follow on facebook and twitter @dejanestpas

  • jackie curran

    I would put my essentials in it. Phone, purse, make up, keys etc. I am also entering by facebook and twitter.

  • Helen Stratton

    In my beautiful, leather satchel would go my keys, lipbalm, purse, phone, tissues, chewing gum, finger skateboards, snails, toy guns and all the other fun items that come with being the mother to 3 boys :)Liked on Facebook.

  • Jane morfett

    I would carry my work things, make up, phone, chocolate, mints, unbrella, all the essentials of the day! I have liked on facebook and follow on twitter @sophiejanem

  • Ellie Levenson

    Nappies, wipes, calpol sachets, sudocrem, muslins etc. Not conventional but I would be coolest mum in town and it might distract people from the babysick and snot on the rest of my outfit.

    Love this prize so much – will def enter on twitter and Facebook too.

  • Pauline Gibson

    Wow how this transports me back to my childhood, my nan bought me a beautiful brown leather satchel when I started school (all those years ago) I can still remember the smell of it. I would love this to put in my filofax, makeup bag, mobile, keys , pen,notebook and packed lunch for work

  • Gemma Sturge

    Love it! I use to have one for school until I broke the strap 🙁 I would carry the essentials, phone, purse, keys, a good book and any other extra space I would cram full with Haribo gummy bears for me and my dog to munch on Mmmmmmmmmmm. I’ve also entered on FB Thanks 🙂

  • karen

    My CVs as i am job hunting at the moment!

  • I would keep a supply pretty writing notebooks, nice pens (with LIDS, no ink stains required), the laptop and a Do Not Disturb sign. That Is All.
    And it would sit where I could see it, stroke it, and snatch it when I manage to steal away for My Time.
    I have tweeted (@littlestuff), ‘liked’ and also added to LittleStuff’s favourites. Yes I DO want it very badly indeed 🙂 )

  • Well – it would be hard as my cat loves bags so I expect once she jumps in there won’t be much room for anything else!

  • Laura

    I like knowing that I’ve got everything with me that I could possibly need – but in my case that usually just amounts to at least two books, a bottle of water and knitting needles with wool (and of course my wallet and keys). I think it’s more important to be able to keep yourself entertained than dry, but that might be because I don’t own an umbrella!

  • Laura

    Also – am now following on twitter – @laurafoxgill

  • I would use this bag

    – to put a book in to read in the park.

    – to carry my notes to university

    – to store my make up and purse in for a day out with the girls

    Liked on facebook

  • sarah allcoat

    it would be for my daughter and it would hold all her school books and her packed lunch and look the very vintage missy that she is 🙂


  • sarah allcoat

    I follow on Twitter and facebook 🙂


  • Annabel

    In my Leather Satchel I would have to put my phone, i-pod, notepad, a few pens, chewing gum, lip gloss, powder and I would also have a scarf tied onto it just it case it gets a little windy!

  • Jamie Katrina

    University bag! Starting in September (couting down the days already!) So i’ll be filling with little note books, pens and pencils.
    A classic bag to last me a lifetime

  • Sam Musgrave

    A copy of my favourite book, my camera and a notebook for jotting down any flashes of inspiration.

  • vivian allman

    the bright fucshia pink is gorgeous…dull brown leather was the norm when i was at school…

  • vivian allman

    fuscia pink monogrammed….gorgeous…. tweeted and followed…..

  • stephen pye

    I would have a good book to read down on the allotment when I have finished my daily chores-and of course a small bottle of wine to sip as I read the book in the warmth of a hot summers day. What more could one ask for!!!

  • Talvikki

    In my satchel I’d carry a good book, my notebook and pens, some water and fruits, my wallet and cell phone, a small make-up kit, a Hungarian phrasebook, and, at least for the first time around, my passport and plane tickets: this sweetie would spend the autumn with me in Hungary.

    I’m not sure if my last message got through the last time as Icouldn’t find it here, so I’m trying again.

    I’ve liked on facebook (Talvikki Lantela)

  • Laura Pritchard

    I’d love the Vintage Leather Satchel hand-crafted from Chestnut Brown Hide (15-inch) & I would put my book & a bag of white chocolate mice in it! @Isis1981uk on Twitter

  • Laura Pritchard

    Following Leather Satchel on Twitter @Isis1981uk

  • Steve Poupard

    I’d put my football boots, some clean y-fronts and a card to say thank you to my darling wife when I gave her the satchel as a gift!

  • Natasha

    iPad (when i eventually get one,) my blackberry, ipod, keys, hand cream, vaseline, notepad, tissues, purse. Hmmm… what else?

  • Amy

    I do not think I would want to put anything in it – I would prefer to hold it out in front of me at eye level to just look at the beautiful iconic design, I’ll have to be careful not to get drool on it though – there isn’t a stain devil for drool on leather (so the shop assistant told me as I was being thrown out of a jimmy choo store hee hee). I would choose one of the more natural colours, a style classic

  • Sierra M

    I would carry a novel, my organizer, a notebook for drawing, pens and pencils and my wallet.
    I’m already a fan on facebook.

  • Dina

    Oh my goodness, what a terrific prize! I’m off to university next year and, if I get into the one I want, a satchel would not look out of place amidst the dreaming spires of the ancient town. I would carry all of my sketchbooks and pencils in my satchel – everything an artist needs.

    I wanted a satchel for so, SO long, you cannot even imagine! This would make me terribly ecstatic if I win.

  • Dina

    Have just entered via Twitter and Facebook too – let me know if you want me to spread the word on my blog 🙂

  • gill doyle

    My phone, the book I am currently reading and a snack.

  • Victoria Savill

    I’d carry my purse, Kindle, phone, make up and a big bag of Haribo Cola Bottles!
    Following on Twitter @sugarplum70 and liked on FB too.

  • Emma L Clarke

    I love the look of this satchel. I have recently been made redundant and am currently working my notice, so I would keep my CV in it to take to interviews etc.
    For two bonus entries, I also follow on Twitter (@emma1111111) and FB (Emma L Clarke)

  • rebecca jackson-makin

    A plethora of secrets to secret for me to possibly divulge!! Plus possibly a lipgloss and my purse lol

  • rebecca jackson-makin

    opps forgot to say following on twitter @beckslayer and on facebook

  • The question is what wouldn’t fit. I carry round an array of items including phone, purse, make-up, tissues, wet wipes, plasters, Antiseptic cream and so on………

  • Delia Hynek

    Wow,this satchel is a work of art! In my satchel, I would put a mixture of essentials and luxury items: a pen; a notebook for shopping lists and inspiring ideas; a red lipstick (to the shagrin of my husband); the book I am currently enjoying; the “essential” cell phone. This bag would put a smile on my face everytime I’d look at it.

  • Nicola Cooper-Abbs

    I’d be obliged to throw away everything I own and buy new possessions to match the gorgeousness of this satchel. This might turn into a really expensive competition for me…

  • Liz

    I’d love to keep Johnny Depp in mine! Well a girl can dream. It should be filled with totally frivolous things and lots of bling.

  • I would probably carry everything I won as i seem to accumulate so much junk in my bag!

  • Catherine Dingwall

    I had a leather satchel, years ago, I can remember the smell of the leather, lovely. I would put my usual every day items, mobile phone, filofax, purse,hair brush,lippy, and perfume. I would love the beige satchel.

  • heather gutowski

    I’d put my sandwiches in it, just like i used to. But now there would be a few extra things, like a phone, and car keys.

  • heather gutowski

    Following on twitter @judithsbooks

  • heather gutowski

    Liked on facebook. Judith Sbooks

  • Gorgeous! I’d love to put in my wallet, mobile, makeup, and general stuff for work, but being a frugal parent I would also put in nappies, wipes and baby things on my days off. They’re too lovely to be used for just work. I’ve also liked on Facebook and following on Twitter.

  • Caoilainn Ito

    I would carry skittles in mine just like Alan…

  • Anne Plumb

    Love the look and so versatile for today’s women

  • Everyday essentials I’d put in it. Looks awsum!

  • Jane Willis

    I’d carry all the things people seem to expect me to be able to produce at a moment’s notice – plasters, headache pills, tissues, pens and pencils, notepaper, corkscrew, screwdriver, spare key, £1 for a shopping trolley, scissors, sellotape and train timetable

  • Virginia Clayton Kelly

    IVE BEEN DYING FOR A SATCHEL!!!! i LOVE LOVE LOVE the 14″ Green Leather School Satchel!!! Id get VCK stamped in gold too!!! They are so practical, i could carry my notebooks for work and my tiny laptop!!! Baby dippers!!!

    IM Following on TWITTER AND FACEBOOK!!!!

  • Ally Stewart

    In my satchel I’d keep my ipod and a load of snacks to keep me entertained during boring university lectures! 🙂

  • Julie Barrett

    Gorgeous bag. i’d put everything i need in it! Purse, make up, phone, keys, tablets, diabetes monitor – and probably a load of old receipts and rubbissh too!

  • Julie Barrett

    followed on twitter

  • I would put my phone
    and other bare essentials in it.

  • Dawn Toland

    I always have to have a paperback book in my bag to pass the time.

  • It looks so like an old school bag I would feel like putting pencil, ruler, rubber and school books in it lol. It would end up being laptop, ipad and/or kindle. It funny how the pen and paper are now all electronic isnt it.

    My email is


  • Dorothee77

    Oh my God the pink one, the pink one! so lovely!
    I would put my MacBook air inside…

    I liked them on FB and following on Twitter too!

  • Heahter

    Great for work – laptop, money and a place to put my lunch

  • Tracy

    My ipad of course! So I can tweet tweet! Ohh aren’t these gorgeous? I would love to win!

  • Tracy

    I’ve followed on Twitter: @mummiafelice and liked on Facebook too 🙂

  • Books for the course I am doing!
    Great competition

  • I would use one of these to carry round the manuscript for my new novel whilst I desperately try to get it published! Clasping my lucky charms for this one!

  • greig spencer

    my laptop lol

  • These are beautiful. I would quickly fill mine with a notebook and assortment of pens, sunglasses, a book, and the snacks/wet wipes/etc. I always have on hand for my kids. Plus maybe something glamorous for me…

  • Also following you on Twitter now. @KeriWithington

  • In my satchel I would put all my A4 hardbooks and paperwork, my calculator, phone, comb, body spray and whichever, toy my little one decides to send me to work with!

  • Have liked the Facebook page too x

  • Sue Warr

    My Blackberry of course!!

  • christine

    all and sundry

  • Gillian

    a notepad and pen, sketchbook and pencils, a flask of tea, apple and peanut butter sandwiches, P.G. Woodehouse, lippy and a brush

  • wendy moore

    These are just fab. Liked you on facebook too.

  • wendy moore

    Forgot to add that I’d put my phone, address book and favourite pen in my satchel.

  • Sheila

    I would keep my make up in it and my iPod and my lunch 🙂

  • dorothy cavender

    My mobile phone,makeup,mirror and address book

  • dorothy cavender

    following on tweeter@dcavender

  • dorothy cavender

    liked on facebook-dorothy cavender

  • getpalmd

    Nokia N8, wallet and passport. Then I would explore the roads!

    Follow on Twitter (@getpalmd) and Facebook.

  • Michelle Bruce

    All my girly essentials! Face powder, lippy, purse and my keys (hopefully cos I always forget them!!!)

  • owen reed

    I would put jam sandwiches in it and dress like Paddington Bear

  • In the satchel I would put in some sandwiches, a water bottle and a good book. I’d go to a park and enjoy the peace.

  • I follow The Leather Satchel Company on Twitter as @maisietoo

  • Liked on Facebook as Maya Russell.
    Twitter is @maisietoo

  • Monika

    I’d give the satchel to my partner who is always running around London for meetings and needs a good-quality, strong bag to hold books, a laptop, pens, wallet, phone etc. etc.

  • Christina

    All the junk I usually carry in my handbag

  • Tanita Matthews

    im starting a journalist apprentiship in september I’d use it to take my essentials (pad, pen, lipstick, phone, money, ipad ect) so feel both proffessional and stylish 🙂

    Tanita Matthews

  • Jane Hope

    Brilliant – an idealway to carry hand luggage with lots of space inside!

  • ST

    What would I put in my satchel?

    …everything that would make a day perfect! ie: my keys, my iPhone, iPad, a good book, and last but not least, my inhaler…..because without it, i will die! PS: That last bit can be said for the leather satchel too 😛

  • ST

    Followed on Twitter (@sngsiting) and liked on Facebook too (Si Ting Sng)

    Greetings from SINGAPORE by the way! 🙂

  • Michelle

    let me win pleaase

  • Paul Casella

    Vintage Pillarbox Red – Not for me,but my dear wife, t put all her women’s junk in. I hope it’s like the TARDIS in there!

  • R. Kalhan

    my diary, sunglasses, a couple of pens, and a good book

  • Well obviously pencils , ruler, pen, ink, lunch and an apple for the teacher

  • liked

  • and followed too

  • Nancy Bradford

    Everything but the kitchen sink

  • Marmalade Sandwiches obviously

  • Liking on facebook and following on twitter

  • Jayne K

    I’d use it to carry all the junk that’s currently in my handbag …………and most probably without sorting it out first.

    Following on Twitter. @jaizduck

    Liked on Facebook.


    I’d fill it with all the stuff I have in my bag now – purse, glasses, notebook lipglosses etc. Or I wouldn’t put anything in it, I’d just look at it!


    Have followed on Twitter @FlorrieFloyd


    Have liked on FB.

  • Wow! They are gorgeous. I’d have to be selective as to what I carried in it if I won. No junk – maybe a nice wallet, a little hairbrush, a lipstick. Keep it minimal and not messy!

  • Following on twitter @LindyHine

  • gary wilson

    would love to win this.

  • Kevin Smith

    Notepad, camera, Ipod and a Double Decker. Liked on FB too.

  • Sarah Cruickshank

    I’d give it to my husband so he’d stop pinching mine (he’s had 2 of my satchels already!) He’d fill it with his laptop, ipad, atoma notebook and his VAST pen and pencil collection!

  • janice taylor

    Looks great, I would put in it my purse,make up, glasses,sunglasses,phone and all importantly my free bus pass LOL.

  • janice taylor

    Liked on facebook as well.

  • Gorgeous! I used to have a school satchel, and now that I’m a teacher this would be perfect for carrying my paperwork around.

  • I’d use it to take my laptop to my internship. As well as pens, notebook, camera and dictaphone – Interns have got to be prepared for anything!

    Oh, I’ve liked and followed to. Because interns need to keep an eye on everything.

  • Helen Casey

    Okay, okay, I’ll tell you what the note says. It says: “Give me your satchel”

  • I would put in only things for ME after stuffing my bag with nappies, wipes, bottles and toys all year! As I’m back to work soon it would be perfect for my Kindle to give me that precious reading time back on the tube. And my phone, notebook and pen for pretending to be a grownup writer person.

  • Oh my, I LOVE these satchels. I would like a red one, to replace my v tatty laptop bag. My mac would go in there, it goes everywhere with me, as does phone, pad, pens, business cards, lip balm, hand cream, tissues, glasses, sunnies, nail file and tea bags! The red also compliments my company colours – a match made in heaven.

  • Chen-Lee Tsui

    The purple is indeed very nice. It would go perfectly with my colourful leather key purse! Perfect for a yummy mummy-wanna be! Following you on Twitter!


    I would carry my filofax , lipgloss and iphone

  • Helen D

    Utter beauty… I can almost smell the leather now! I would stipulate that only gorgeous things were allowed to be carried in my satchel – like little dog if he’d fit!

  • A pink bottle of bubbly would fit perfectly in a pink satchel.

  • Diana Mendoza

    I would love to put in my ipad, my samsung s2, my small make-up pouch and my checkbook wallet.

    I have liked your Facebook page and foolowed you on twitter!

  • Lorna

    What a lovely giveaway! I would choose purple too, it’s my favourite colour. I work from home a lot, and transfer many documents back and forth from my boss’s home therefore I would use it for lots of paperwork! I’d also keep my own supply of stationery as she often runs out and forgets to replace! My lunch and daily treats for her dog Charlie would also find a space too!
    Following on twitter @ellielucky and FB too 🙂

  • Oooh, let’s see. I would put books in. And more books. And get so carried away that I would barely be able to pick it up.

    But I would persevere.

  • Lucy Pask

    My aunty emergency essentials: one iPhone containing “sit quietly and play with that” aps and mum’s phone number, one change purse full of pound coins for icecreams & pennies for buskers, one pack of bribe sweets, one pack of Mr Bump plasters and one sheet of self-adhesive googly eyes. Front pocket would contain two slices of stale bread for the ducks. My satchel would be pink and the window would contain a card saying “Aunt Lucy’s Bag of Tricks”

  • That red bag is simply amazing. What a classy, yet bold bag.

    I would put my 13″ Macbook, Moleskine journal, iphone,my marc jacobs sunglasses, and some shiny lip gloss in there 🙂

  • Gabriella

    I had a lovely satchel when in primary school, but it was a hand me down one and it been scrawled in ink with names that did not belong to me and it was brown. I loved my satchel and it was not filled with just books and pens but personally objects that I liked and wanted to see when I opened my satchel. If I won a satchel I would like a bright red one to represent positive thinking and in this satchel will go my mind maps, pens and paper. Almost like the things I put in it years ago but this time the satchel would be mine from new.

  • My Moleskine notebook – two beautiful products – one to accompany me on my adventure – the other to record it!

    Navy is the one for me!

  • Nickie

    Books. I always have at least one with me and this way I could have more than one – you never know…! 😉

  • Nickie

    Oh and following on twitter @nickiem and facebook liked (nickie chapman) too! 🙂


    My new wedding photo album!! Yay!!

  • Sarah

    I would use this as my handbag – and put my makeup, hairbrush, diary etc. in it.

    Thanks for running this competition 🙂

  • Tiffany Rollo

    Im a mummy who already carries around Buzz Lightyear/Princess bags, so this bag would def be full of stuff for me, and help me look trendy again!! 🙂 I would love the purple one, and as I am starting to travel with my work, I would carry my office gear, but would also have some pics of my little ones and hubby, to remind me of home 🙂

  • susan willshee

    I’d put my laptop, my sony e-reader, my blackberry….and my sandwiches & a bottle of water in my satchel.

  • susan willshee

    forgot to say I’ve liked on facebook -susan willshee and followed on twitter @susanwillshee

  • MARK

    great prize

  • It would only be for special work occasions, so would NOT contain baby wipes, nappy sacks, half eaten snack bars. It would contain camera, phone, purse, keys, notebook, file-o-fax and a few quid…because I’ll have some then!

    Have entered on Twitter and Facebook.

  • tinkerbell

    my laptop, brolly, phone, make-up, notebook, keys, books, chocolate

  • emma maiden

    I’d use it to carry Veronica, my rat, to the office. she sleeps much better in real leather, so I could get my work done and we’d both be happy!

  • Morven


    I would love a autumn-coloured satchel, and in it I would keep apples, and conkers, and leaves, and the smell of bonfires and sparklers. (And, more probably, dog biscuits, some spare change, an old lipstick, and an over-ripe satsuma.)

  • Morven

    Ah! Just spotted a typo in my comment.


    I would love an autumn-coloured satchel, and in it I would keep apples, and conkers, and leaves, and the smell of bonfires and sparklers. (And, more probably, dog biscuits, some spare change, an old lipstick, and an over-ripe satsuma.)

  • Phillip James Davies

    Marmalade Sandwiches! 😛

  • leather handbags

    that was so nice, i really like it….. 🙂

  • Lux

    Phone, keys, wallet (obvs), notebooks, sketchbooks, pens, pencil, diary, make-up, small shiney things picked up off the street, ticket stubs, chewing gum, hair ties, band aids, tissues, painkillers, gig flyers…

  • lorraine dunne

    I would put my moble,mini hairbrush,credit card,lipgloss and a photo of my daughter

  • sharon griffin

    I love these satchels as they are so retro and remind me of my childhood when i would take one to school packed with an apple, writing books and fluffy pencil case 🙂 nowadays i would prefer to use it to carry my mobile phone, make up and personal essentials x

  • james darrington

    I would put a present in it for my girlfriend, a present within a present.

  • gary wilson

    i would carry my netbook inside it.

  • Mens Leather Bags

    I have followed them on facebook. Thanks for sharing.