Random Reviews: LEGO City Police Boat video review

The kind people at LEGO sent us a treat – the newest police boat from the City Police range. Here is Son of Mine, ably interviewed by Daughter of Mine, to tell you what he thought of it:

This was a much simpler model to put together than the last Lego set we reviewed, the T-6 Jedi Shuttle. The main body of the boat is already in one piece, so most of the modelling is to be done on the top half.

We had it all put together in under an hour – the box says suitable for age 5-12, and I think most little builders will be able to manage this by themselves. The advantage of the boat’s hull being all one piece is that it’s watertight, so you can play with it in the bath.

When we were building it, Son of Mine came out with this classic quote: “Jessie J sings that money can’t buy you happiness, but that’s not true because money can buy you Lego, and Lego makes me happy”. Er, OK son, but just don’t tell Jessie J. Then he had a little think: “I suppose hugs are free, and babies”. He didn’t look entirely convinced.

Lego City Police Boat is out now, RRP £29.99. Amazon have a terrific reduction on this right now to £16.89, worth snapping up because you get a big box full of fun for the money. And some happiness thrown in too, for free.


  • Hi Joanne
    Thanks for the review.
    Its a great looking boat.
    We have a few of the other boats from Lego and play with them in the pool/bath – the kids love them because they can make their own custom boats and then send them out to see if they will stay upright.
    Might check this one out too ;0)

    The Brick Life

  • Cheers Inger, tahnks for your comment. As you can see, the features the kids liked most about this are the inbuilt prison and extra little boat for the villain to try and escape!

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